Paralives Dev Diary September 2023

Hot Para Summer: Paralives Dev Journey September 2023

Summer 2023 has officially come to an end, and Team Paralives have served up a feast of scrumptious updates, including the traditional English breakfast, fruit and savoury pies to suit all tastes, and sizzling summer pool party attire. Ready to dive in? In this post we take a closer look at some recent additions, and what we can expect to see on the horizon as Paralives continues to take shape.

Summer Vibes: Paramaker Update

While swimming pools are not quite ready yet, the studio released a new screenshot showing a Sunny patio scene. This update includes new Paramaker content including a new bikini and a new swim suit.

Parafolks out enjoying the sunshine. Source: Paralives Twitter

Fierce Makeup Combinations

In the spirit of festival season, the studio have designed a new collection of party eye shadows which can be combined and customised to create unique looks. Players will have the freedom to change the opacity and colour of each makeup layer.

Source: Paralives Patreon

Denim Overalls With Custom Layering Options

The devs have added cute denim overalls to the game. The Paramaker will allow players to customise certain outfits using the layering system. As you can see in the following screenshot, the top layer has been combined with different shirts.

Parafolks showing off different outfit combinations. Source: Paralives Patreon

More New Food Items Added

Culinary Parafolk have dished out a feast of new updates from the kitchen featuring a diverse selection of meals that can be prepared while factoring in the cooking skill (from beginner level to professional).

Paralives will feature a huge selection of meals for the game’s launch. Source: Paralives Patreon

In an effort to include as many types of meals for the game’s launch, the devs compiled a huge list of suggestions from the community. They have added a selection of foods to suit many dietary preferences, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks from various parts of the world, such as ramen bowls, fruit & savoury pies, the English Breakfast, and Nutella on toast.

Efficient design techniques, such as re-using and recolouring 3D models, were used to save time and ensure a small team of designers can include a substantial variety of meals.

Parafolk with higher cooking skills will be able to make fancier swirls of soup cream. Source: Paralives Patreon.

Fun Fact: Paralives Had Square Apples

Did you know that apples in Paralives used to be square in an earlier build? We’re calling them Squapples.

Squapples? Source: Paralives Twitter

Our first version of apples was not-so-round, it was since improved and will be memorialized in this in-game painting

Paralives Twitter

The First Creative Skill Was Performed

A classic staple of life simulation games seen since The Sims 1; The piano skill was added to Paralives. You can read more about it here.

Paralives Piano skill reveal
Click the image to learn more about the piano skill.

Personalities, Jobs & Schools: What’s Next For Paralives?

The Paralives team have recently started designing emotions and personalities and how they will impact gameplay. It is now possible to select a personality in the Paramaker.

In addition, some of the team have shifted their focus to careers, school and adding flammable attributes to certain objects so fires can ignite and spread. Are we close to seeing another Para-death?

And finally, the developers have begin to rework the pathfinding solution so Parafolk can navigate their homes and towns better.

Paralives is a crowd-funded indie life simulation game developed by Alex Masse and his Team in Montreal, Canada. All information and images contained in this article was sourced by the official Paralives roadmap

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