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    Posted by gamedomino on February 4, 2020 at 9:32 pm

    So you may not understand what XYZ Sliders are, so let me explain.

    So instead of sliders for general “size” it would be broken into three areas, which is X, Y, and Z but you could just refer them as Depth, Width and Length in the actual UI as listening them as X, Y, and Z could confuse some players.

    This way then body parts and facial parts could be more customization and there would be more precise options for character sliders while also allowing users to just increase or decrease size as well.

    It’s a simple suggestion, but this could also theoretically be used for Furniture as well. Like you see how we can make something more longer, such as a counter, some curtains, and a shelf, so almost everything essentially. I wonder if it could be possible if there could be XYZ Sliders and they could be more wider, or more long. Like you can turn an arm-chair into a recliner, or turn a couch into a sofa-bed.

    If height sliders work out then the Z part of the XYZ Sliders can work out for parts that would make the parafolk shorter or longer in height, however if not I believe that part can still work with parts that don’t make the parafolk longer or shorter in height.

    I hope you understand the brief explanation as I would enjoy it if sliders could go 3 ways rather than just one, thanks for reading and if you want to voice your opinion or give any other suggestions and ideas then reply to the thread if you would like to, have a good day or night.

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