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    I understand you guys have probably started making the world, but if you make more in the future, here are some ideas.

    Island Cove-

    I am a beachy girl, so this had to be my first idea. Kinda basic, but a cute cozy island with some beach houses would be so great. I would like to see houses that are half in the water, like on stilts with the deck in the back. I love those styles of houses in real life. I would love for the island to have a tight-knit community with a big manor on the beach. The person who ‘built the town’ would live there with their family. I love the idea of deep lore being in this town since it is an island after all. There would be many family-owned restaurants in the town area. Beachy restaurants and I would love one with an outdoor theme. One restaurant in Englewood Flordia I went to had games outside to play while they make your food and I would really like that. Though this idea is really basic, I feel it is also a staple in a life simulator game. World Names could be Springstone Island, (Big manor owner’s last name) Island, Summers Reef, Ashes Isles(if there’s a volcano), Makai Cove, Windward Keys, Honu Reefs, ‘Ohana Island, or Lei Isles. Just some suggestions I like the way they sound.


    I’m putting them in the same paragraph because both have similar qualities. If you make one of these worlds, I would love to see wildlife. Tigers, colorful birds, elephants, giraffes, and other things. I understand this would be hard and take a long time, so I’m not expecting this anytime soon. I would love a deep-dive into each culture, with places and food around the culture. I would like to make this a world you can actually live in, and not a vacation world. It seems such a fun and interesting place to live and I would like to see those features in-game. I honestly don’t know much about either place, but I was supposed to go to South Africa but my trips got canceled. So if anyone has anything to add, please do.

    Farming town-

    I’m not too sure what types of gardening will be coming with the base game, but if this was an update/DCL I would like to see objects like tractor or sprinkler to actually have real farm life. I would love to see cows, sheep, and maybe chickens. I would understand if they came as just an object like Sims 3, but since the first video of paramaker was using a duck, would it be hard to make a chicken? I don’t really have experience in coding/gaming, so I understand if it’s too much work. I would love to see a farming career in the update/DCL and also be able to obtain and use things such as eggs, milk, wool. Maybe you can knit a blanket/clothes using the wool, icecream using the dairy, and meals like an omelet or scrambled eggs using the eggs. I would love to see working dogs too, having the coral the sheep, and maybe having a chance to lose one if the dog doesn’t a enough skill. World name ideas are Greendale County, Sunset Orchard, Redpine Valley, Fox Fields. I’m really not good at naming things, but I thought I would include them anyway aha.


    This is also basic, but very useful. Obviously be full of apartments and highrise buildings, but if you are going to have neighborhoods, it would be cool to have the upper side and the low side. I would also love to have a dog park/playground in this world. Since dogs are in base-game, I feel this is a necessity for cities since there are few ways to get a dog active in the city besides plain walking them. I would love to have dog parks to go to and let the dog run around and play with others without my parafolks having to control them. It feels more natural to me since that’s what we do with my dogs. I would also like apartments with underlying issues like bad plumbing, faulty electricity, and no air conditioning. These would come with lower rates and bad moodlets. I’ve never really lived in a city, but I would love to see all kinds of cultures in them. I would love my paras to be able to spray paint on the side of a bridge or even like an abandoned building. Street art is really cool way and I love seeing it. This update/DLC could come with the singer/actor careers and fame. I have no city name suggestions ahah.

    This was kinda rushed and sloppy, so it’s really just a bunch of random ideas. But please leave yours! I would love to see your ideal worlds that you want to see in-game. A big thing for me is lore so please leave the story behind it too!

    reilly replied 3 years, 3 months ago 3 Members · 4 Replies
  • 4 Replies
  • These are really cool ideas! I don’t think they’ll use the names unless you’re a Legend tier patron haha but I like that you took the time to come up with them. I want to see different climates in different locations like no snow on the beach or lots of rain in the jungle. I also wanted to note real quick that the goose character creator was from a different game, Untitled Goose Game, and is not part of Paralives. It was just there to demonstrate the kind of push and pull mechanic we can expect. If we do get custom animals (e.g. farm animals) though I would like it if they had that level of detail and customisation Slight Smile

    Posted May 28, 2020 at 2:52 am
    • hahah ok didn’t realize. would still love to see ducks and chickens in-game though!

      Posted May 28, 2020 at 2:55 am
  • there should be a Chinese/Korean/Japanese town

    Posted June 7, 2020 at 10:16 pm
    • yess!! i would love like a cherry blossom world such as one which turned the vampire world into a chinese themed world with a mod.

      Posted June 9, 2020 at 2:59 am

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