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    Posted by dreamcytcher on August 23, 2019 at 5:55 am

    The spoilers had shown the amazing aspects in the game’s building tools and features, but there are little information of how customizable will the world be.

    So far, only one information is released, and it is about the lot size customizer. This is already amazing as the way it is, and I’m going to add more onto the aspect in world customization.

    1. Creating The World

    This one could give you a checklist before creating a world, and this list could be including :

    – Climate type (more than 10 climate types), this influences the weather conditions, seasons, temperature and humidity of the world.
    – Ground type (loam, sand, silt, gravel, rock etc.)
    – Foliage slider (0 for desert, 1-3 for grassland, 4-7 for scrubland, 8-10 for forest), types of foliage are influenced by the other factors (e.g. cactus in sandy desert, palm tree in coastal, lotus with water bodies)
    – Terrain slider (0 as the flattest, and 10 as the steepest terrain with hills)
    – Water tool (tick “river” or “lake” for a random river or lake, tick “coast” for a world with beach and sea, tick “island” for a world surrounded by ocean)
    – World name, description and status (status means whether it’s a suburb, village, town, city etc.)
    – World size in area, with the minimum size of 1×1 km.
    – Year length (four seasons per in-game year, minimum 4 in-game weeks per year, i.e. one season per week)

    After creating a world, there will be a world appears and there will be nothing except for the randomized foliage and water bodies.

    2. Urbanizing The World

    This will happen after creating your dream world. It should be coming with these tools or features.

    – Terrain tool (changing terrain heights and steepness)
    – Water tool (adding water bodies and make river, lake, pond, swamp, oasis or sea, could be connected to drain system)
    – Drain tool (to avoid flood caused by raining, drains are built by dragging it to whatever place you want, there’ll be different sizes and designs)
    – Infrastructure tool (to build straight/curved roads, highways, bridges across water bodies/drains, pedestrian path)
    – Decoration tool (includes foliage (trees and bushes), road/street decors (bus stop, pedestrian bridge, traffic light, signboards, statues), decorative buildings (lighthouse, windmill), rocks, fences etc.)
    – Transportation tool (railway, train station, port etc.)
    – Effect tool (rainbow, cloud, haze, fx birds, different background noises like bird chirping, airplane sound, wolf howling, wind blowing etc.)
    – Backdrop tool (appearance of the edge of the world, like mountain chains, forest, ocean, skyscrapers etc.)
    – Preview tool (for previewing the world at different time of the day, or different weather conditions)

    3. Popularizing The World

    After decorating the world, it’s the time to make the world a livable one, and of course filled with several lively little people, namely Parafolks. This could be including these features below.

    – The lot size customizer, of course. There could be a lot of lot types, and possibility to combine them.
    – Power supply system (includes hydro power station or turbo to be built along running water bodies, and windmill to provide wind power supply)
    – Water supply system (includes water pump, water filter, water tower, and a tool to build dam)
    – Facility lot types (they are visitable lots for several purposes like workplace, schooling and more, e.g. petrol station, police station, fire station, hospital, military base, post office, bank, elementary school, middle school, high school)

    A mayor could be chosen among the population. He/she will be the one who manages the world’s bank account (separate accounts will be part of my suggestion in Paralives’ finance system in the future). This account could be used for the world’s development, which means an upgrade in the world’s status (for example, money could be used to develop high rise buildings and change suburb to a city).

    I will be pleased to see if any of them will be included in the game. It will contribute a lot in term of realism.

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