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  • When parafolk are revealed, we should have a base male & female model to edit

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  • gamedomino

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    August 31, 2019 at 8:25 pm
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    So this idea seems a little odd, but here we go anyway:

    The reason why I think this is a great idea is so people can start making CC for the game, as you can tell we already have people such as Simtroverted making CC for the game, but currently we are only limited to furniture and other things

    So when parafolk are revealed, we should have a base male & female model so we can start on that, this would make the community more engaged and active, and when the game comes out we would see a decent amount of CC, which would be great!that would be in build/buy mode, and due to this there is no way to make clothing CC since we have no (exact) clue on what parafolk look like.

    So one concern would definitely be on if someone stole it and copyright and everything, the simple solution is to copyright them so then people can’t steal, if they do, just sue them.

    If you are wondering on how CC creation itself could possibly work, then read this topic here:

    I hope this was simple enough, but thanks for reading. 🙂

  • cakeefeatured

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    September 1, 2019 at 7:33 pm
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    @GameDomino I like this idea I think this would be good because the current Sims 4 workshop allows this as far as retexturing clothes in Blender and the masking layer of clothes can be edited which is a good and easier way for creators to jump in and make things.
    I’ve been working on some custom content for the Paralives game and I was thinking about the clothes how would the clothing creation work, like sims or similiar so I’m glad you addressed this concern!

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