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  • “Transform” Tool in Design-A-Para

    Posted by gamedomino on January 6, 2020 at 12:09 am

    The title of the post gives it away but let me explain what transform tools are, also “Design-A-Para” is the name I and some other give the name for, so remember that technically the name is not official yet.

    Essentially, Transform tools are like the movement, rotation and scale tools all into one.

    I would like to have this to be an option for things such as the many accessory slots, as I believe that this could potentially give one accessory different “styles” and can have them be more meaningful than just the same object in the same position, which can be bland and uninspiring.

    Let me set some examples, imagine a baseball cap.

    Lets say you like this cap but you would like it to be backwards instead of forward or you could like it to be flipped to the side for example.

    But oh no, that isn’t an option! No worries, the transform tool would allow you to do this as you can rotate the cap to the degree you would like it to, and if you screw up or would like to undo it then there could be an option to undo it and also an option to bring it back to it’s original state before you transformed it.

    This could also be helpful with some clipping problems, you ever had it in the sims where two accessories would clip or when an accessory or more would clip with your sim’s clothing and hair and it simply doesn’t work? Like for example you want a nice head-band or some glasses but uh oh, your parafolks hair is clipping with the head-band or glasses but only slightly, making it mildly-infuriating and so close yet so far. But don’t fret as the transform tool could fit this, as you can size them properly to make them fit and no longer clip through each-other, and now it looks much more solid and realistic.

    Clipping can be a huge problem sometimes so transform tools could basically solve this problem mostly if not entirely.

    If something is too big or too small then you could scale it by X, Y or Z which means you could make it wider and taller separately, or you could do all at the same time and just proportionally scale it up or down.

    As a side-suggestion, I would like it if we could wear more than one accessory in the same section, as some things could work out well but the game limits it to only one accessory, like for example you can only have one necklace or only one bracelet. But if this limit were to be removed or at least increased to for example 3, then the potential could be higher and if there were any problems then no worries, you can use the transform tool to fix any clipping or other collision problems.

    I believe that with this idea then one item can really be unique as it wouldn’t have to be conformed to one uniform style but instead you could change it to what you would like and it would be up on your imagination to turn a more generic item into something that makes the parafolk a bit more unique, as accessories all having the same around styles can make the parafolk look dull.

    I hope you enjoy the idea, and if you are a developer looking at this I hope you do consider it and thank you for your amazing work on Paralives, have a good time.

    gamedomino replied 2 years, 5 months ago 3 Members · 4 Replies
  • 4 Replies
  • crabwhatalad

    Star Hubkin
    January 6, 2020 at 4:18 pm
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    Absolutely love this idea. Really amazing and would solve so, so many problems as well as being unique and inventive. I genuinely would love to push the developers to consider something like this as it really is ingenious.

  • gamedomino

    Star Hubkin
    January 6, 2020 at 6:56 pm
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    [quote quote=6422]Absolutely love this idea. Really amazing and would solve so, so many problems as well as being unique and inventive. I genuinely would love to push the developers to consider something like this as it really is ingenious.


    Glad to see that you like the idea, I believe this would make parafolk more unique as they could have a different style to the same item which can show the personality of parafolk or be used to make an entirely different style than before, and I like the way it could solve many problems that Create-A-Sim had before such as clipping with other accessories and hair, and if this were to be a thing then perhaps multiple accessories in the same section could be a thing as well so then people could make even more styles.

  • SmallestPolarBear

    Noteworthy Newcomer
    January 9, 2020 at 1:50 pm
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    basicaly take existing asset and change the way they are wore,

  • gamedomino

    Star Hubkin
    January 9, 2020 at 5:52 pm
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    I thought this would be a great idea as while it is simple it can help a-lot and make items more unique.

    Also it would all be in-game hopefully, not through a modding software,

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