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  • The Trendsetters, Social Climbers, and the Pretentious (Social Classes)

    Posted by cakeefeatured on January 31, 2020 at 9:36 am

    Okay so this idea was collaborated on from some users from discord server with @Talon @Madamlee and @SCHEFF and myself. On the topic of clothing and how it can affect our paras lives and personality and also on paras personalities changing based on the life and people around them.

    As far as clothing boutiques being a potential thing where we go buy clothing and it be added to our own para’s personal wardrobe. What if clothing boutiques created their own brands, each boutique/store could be giving a perk or boost to emotional well being. Markers could be used for each store so not only would it be recoginzed as a store but as individual “brands”. This marker would also apply to paras when they buy clothes and wear them from certain stores. Markers could be labeled as: luxury, posh, edgy, vivacious (it makes them feel sexy or handsome) etc. something along these lines, if you all have more suggestions and better suited words for this please list them haha.

    The boutiques would be rated on a 5 star rating system. The higher the rating the more fashionable,luxury,high end it is. So 1 star is poor quality (thrifts stores and basic clothing stores) 5 star is luxury clothing. Clothing set and offered for sale at each store would be up to the players discretion and wouldn’t affect the rating. Because the rating is set by you manually for each lot when you build it. This could also apply to other location lots and other retail items. So you could build thrift stores that were 5 stars instead of a 1 Star or 2 star

    When a para is around higher luxury clothing/and boutiques it could alert other paras around them and they could react to them as well. For examples some paras could admire them more or some could get jealous because they dont have their clothes/item. It would also work the opposite and based on paras personalities. For example: if a snobbish para sees another para wearing high fashion they would be more friendly towards them compared to someone who bought from a thrift store.

    There would be class titles middle class and upper class set of paras.

    Social climbers would be those that admire the rich but would be snobbish to those that are poor, they’d be the paras to notice the (low 1 star) rating of clothing other paras wore.

    You’d have the Pretentious (another word for this anyone? lol) para who is middle class, they admire the rich, and admire high fashion (5 star rating clothes). So let’s put this para into play: The para wants to join the upper class but because she and her husband don’t have the proper job, instead tries to have her husband buy everything the “rich folks buy” (5 star rated clothes). But she never becomes rich and remains in the life she has now. And could cause the husband to be angry with his wife because they’re spending too much money.

    So there could also be paras who admire the the life and try hard to be socialites but never do and are not accepted by these paras, and in result paras becoming jealous of other paras. This is caused by them being around certain paras who are rich, and in consequence have their personality altered from what it was before. So they can appear at places where paras go who are rich and wear high end clothes, but the marker on them shows they’re really wearing 3.5 or 4 star clothing and of course knowing other things such as their careers would also reveal their real life and cause others to reject them.

    Paras personalities would change and be altered based on the people they are friends with, clothing they wear, and the locations they go with different people in it.

    Also maybe the marker would reveal average rating of clothes/brands paras have, and would tally up based on the number of stars of clothing you buy from each store. Then it could be grouped into further social categories having the highest average being luxury of course.

    Trendsetters could wear clothing ratings that are 4s and could cause paras to be in want of wanting to buy clothing that are of that value as well by seeing it on other paras in their daily lives. Paras could ask other paras where they got their outfit from and they would say a boutique in town. Which then based on the rating of their clothing/outfit it would alert paras of a list of clothing stores in town rated 4 stars.

    1 star = thrift stores

    2 star= The exchanges (people swap clothes with each other it’s cooler than thrifting)

    3 star = department stores

    4 star= Boutique

    5 star= Designer

    Hopefully this made sense and we’d love to hear more feedback and ideas for this!

    MagaCarter replied 3 years ago 3 Members · 2 Replies
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  • crabwhatalad

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    January 31, 2020 at 3:26 pm
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    That is such a good idea! I would love to have this incorporated!
    Maybe it could tie into a reputation system. If you were wealthy but not snobbish your reputation might go up, and if you were a snob, although you were wealthy and others may admire you but your reputation would go down.
    The idea about clothes is also so cool and would be really fun to play with!

  • MagaCarter

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    February 1, 2020 at 9:44 pm
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    I’m MadameLee on the discord.. the social climber was inspired by Marget Brackenreid from Murdoch mysteries

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