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    Maybe we can have the option to choose what type of world it is too. I think it’d help for those who want and like fantasy characters and vampires in the future can have a world just for those type of characters, so they’re not mixing in with normal paras who aren’t of the supernatural. Or if there is an expansion in the future that’s based off a different time period you can create a world just for it.
    Like maybe an option before you begin CAW there would be questions like:

    What type of world is this?

    Residential (normal paras only)
    Fantasy (supernatural paras)
    Semi-realism (supernatural and normal paras mixed)
    Historical World (for a medieval off grid world)
    Vacation world

    Which would then filter and restrict out the types of paras that are allowed to be populated there in that particular world. Means of transportation would change you could select what types of cars would appear in the game or no cars at all. Including the apparel, if its a historical world maybe it would automatically generate these outfits based on the expansions clothing alone instead of the base game clothing or we could pick them out through a filter. I’m not sure how it’d work just an idea if we could choose what types of clothing would be on neighbors and the cars you would see throughout the world or not.

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