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    Since we wouldn’t see into workplaces and schools in the base game. I think there should be the ideas of “dress setting”.

    So like let’s say I want to have a scene in a story I might be telling be set in a fast-food restaurant like if it’s the Front of the house I would need tables & chairs, and cash register. But I would also want the back of the house to look like it might actually look in real life (coffee maker, ice cream maker, fryers, grills), windows that look like your typical driver-thru window*? soda fountain depending on the layout could be found in either BOH (at the cash register) or FOH (near the cash register). Maybe for a food-court-in-the-mall trays? Trays could also work for high school cafeteria a play area for toddlers and children? Oh and costumes that might include a headset to “take orders” at the drive thru.

    My only nitpick was trying to deal with food since I thought we would need to have like three versions of a food/drink (drink not counting if they’re in soda fountain cups)- like not eaten, partly eaten or all eaten). But my Mom said that there might only need to be 2 dishes not eaten and finished.

    A grocery store set would be: cash register and conveyor belts (don’t need to be functional) a shelves, fridges, dairy aisle, those freezers that are in the middle of the store with sales on and shopping carts and baskets. (Maybe in some cases the grocery store could also have a deli section)

    But the layout will be different and what you as a story teller will need for whatever the story is. I might try to make stuff myself once Paralives come out. But then I’m might try to make Disney Princess’ “Forgotten outfits”

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