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    So you may ask “What is a Quirks System?” so let me explain.

    It could be a part of either a trait system (similar to sims 3 and 4) or a personality system (like in sims 1 and 2) or both, and it is where quirks are smaller versions of traits, as in they aren’t as general and big, they are rather small and they would be what makes parafolk more unique.

    The reason why I think this would be a great idea is because if you have noticed there is a problem in the sims, it’s where besides looks the sims act relatively the same, with traits not helping all that much either.

    Quirks could be small things that make a parafolk unique, such as small little behaviors like mannerisms or habits.

    Quirks can also be a solution to a controversial topic: Mental Disabilities.

    For quirks, I can see where it includes mental disability symptoms however it is not entirely the disability in itself, and won’t state that it is, but it is still a symptom that can be used to role-play that a parafolk has a mental illness, so in this way those who would like them in the game are hopefully satisfied and others won’t be offended, I believe this will further help the main goal for parafolk, which is being inclusive while not offending people.

    Mannerisms for quirks could include the little ways parafolk moves or reacts to things to make them unique and just in general how they are, and alter how they talk in a way that makes them unique and can differentiate from others.

    Habits are basically habits, and how parafolk have either good or bad habits to things. Some of these could include habits that would mildly infuriate people (I.E. keep things open even after leaving them, or leaving lights on, or putting their feet on furniture they aren’t supposed to regardless of place.) or be mildly beneficial (I.E. turning off the lights after leaving a room, even if someone else is in there, or always closing something after use) and in this way parafolk can now have habits that make them seem more natural as they can have human error.

    I believe they could be like traits, however they are smaller and more specific than traits, so I think there could be way more slots for them than traits.

    If this was a thing in Paralives, then parafolk would be very unique from each-other, as each parafolk could actually act different, and if paired with another system like traits or personality bars, then this could be a revolutionary idea that other games could hopefully follow.

    I hope you enjoyed this idea, please reply if you have any ideas of your own or just want to put some criticism or a compliment of sorts, and I hope you have a nice day.

    KadZuks replied 3 years, 9 months ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • I think a fun way to add dynamics to traits would be to separate them into “virtues” for seemingly good traits and “vices” for seemingly difficult traits. Easily you could make a system that says 3 virtues and and 2 vices, or you could put each of the traits on a scale (some being stronger than others). Example: 4 weaker virtues would allow you to have one stronger vice. I think this would just make the game more interesting (and obviously there would be a cheat to override it for the people complaining in the back).

    But in a way this is is similar to quirks so I like it. And I think they could be specific like “doesn’t clean dishes” or “has random smelly flatulence” or “always says please and thank you” or “only eats healthy food (plugging a nutrition system)” etc.

    Posted March 10, 2020 at 3:28 am

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