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  • Promoting the Game IRL at Events

    Posted by simtroverted on July 17, 2019 at 9:38 pm

    Hello, fellow Paralives supporters!

    I’d like to promote Paralives in real life, at events. There’s a major geeky event in my city every year (Calgary Expo) and anyone can have a booth to promote their stuff.

    > I’d love to volunteer to set up a booth, print out media material myself (approved by Alex or sent to me by him by email) and have a couple of laptops showing videos, screenshots etc, as well as posters, fliers, the works.
    > I’d set up a feedback form (paper) and I’d have all of the social media channels for the game visible for all.
    > I’d answer questions based on a a pre-approved list only and could even stream the event.
    > Alex’s presence would add immense value to it, but I know he’s busy making the game and it’s a huge commitment that I happen to have the time for.
    > We were talking about ParaCon on Discord and I love the idea. Maybe it could happen during the event, since it’s a public space and the booth would be there anyway.

    Brainstorming and putting this out there. I go every year and it’s very popular, that’s why I thought I’d suggest it.

    Cheers! :ugeek:

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