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  • Planet-Coaster like Gallery system

    Posted by gamedomino on August 31, 2019 at 1:15 am

    So you probably don’t even know what I’m talking about right now, so let me explain it:
    So when you start the game, the game would instruct you to make a para for your gallery.

    This para you make would represent you, and yes, you can edit your para at any time. Now I’m not sure on how CC would work on this case, perhaps you could use it but then it would be moderated (although I doubt anything would get past the steam workshop’s moderation, so your choice) to prevent anyone from putting NSFW stuff on their in-game profiles. Also no, when occult’s come out, your para CANNOT be any supernatural besides aliens (or robots if they ever even come out) and no mods can be from third-party websites, the CC can only be from the steam workshop.

    -After you do this, you are taken to the screen that shows your para and then on the right (or left, depends on what side the developer(s) want it) which would have different categories and show all of your buildings, parafolk and even CC that you currently have published to the workshop, and would count the likes, favorites and downloads of your content (and everyone else’s content on their profiles) and these would all count towards your total.

    -Added online functionality, parafolk can show up as random townies, and no worry, theres an option to enable or disable this because either performance issues or because some parafolk people make to represent their profile would probably break the immersion of the game at times.

    -You can change your gallery in a few ways, by changing the color of the UI that would appear each time they open up your gallery, and only your gallery, adding a bio (The Profile picture could just be your steam profile picture so not really much to care about there) perhaps even linking some safe websites such as your youtube, twitch and even Paralives Hub account.

    -You can choose whether your para you made to represent yourself could be used as a random townie or not, the reason for this is because some people could find it weird or creepy, or other reasons.

    -There could be a leader-board that shows the best creators, both by total download and by developer choice, this could be filtered to all time, yearly, monthly, and daily. Perhaps you could get some sort of reward for getting a high score on the leader-board, at-least some sort of steam achievement would be cool to have, but its not needed.

    -If you are put as a random townie (by your choice, of course), there would be absolutely no way for people to use cheats or anything to copy or publish your character, the only way would probably be hacks. If there was, no worries, they would be banned or their “creation” would be removed, of course if its originally made by you.

    -EXTRA OPTION, you have an option, to instead of just enabling or disabling them, to choose people’s para’s yourself, this is where you can pick which ones you want to be in your game by using some sort of option inside of that person’s gallery, Don’t worry, if you disable it they would be gone but the parafolk you picked would still be saved, meaning when you put it back to that option, it would still remember which ones you chose to allow in your game.

    So uhm, a bit hard to explain for a simple (kinda) system, but here you go. I hope you consider this idea 😛

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