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    I was thinking that with community lots being confirmed and paras having a personality system of some sort. What if they had the five senses as well? Being self aware and aware of others/and things. This idea is mainly based around environment/community lots but would extend to everyday life as well.

    Sounds and Emotions
    They can feel overwhelmed by the amount/crowds of paras around. They could feel excited/happy because they’re going to shop. They can become frustrated because its too noisy or they cant find anything they like (clothes and furniture food etc.). They could also become self- conscious which would lead them to fidgeting and touching their hair if they’re around certain paras. Paras would be able to ask other paras if they could go to a restaurant to get dinner instead of cooking at home or even family members in the same household just asking if they want to go into town for a while. Lastly, paras could become sad because maybe an item they wanted cost too much or was out of stock. If they’re around town or even in a community lot. Paras could respond to sounds and ambience, for example if a para is trying to study or do homework, and the paras around them are talking a lot or too much they can become annoyed or distracted. If they’re on the phone same thing because they aren’t able to hear the other person on the other line. They would hear the sound of rain and thunder storms, they hear birds chirping, they hear cars passing through the neighborhood, they would be able to hear fighting and crying upstairs (a house for example) and go check to see what’s going on.

    Smell, Sound, Touch, and Visual in a nutshell
    When they go to lots they’d get mood boosts based on smells, sounds, touch, and visual. For example if a paras is walking past a coffee shop they would get a mood boost because the smell of coffee is good to them, or if they don’t like coffee they could feel sick. If they walk by restaurants they would get a mood boost because of how good the food smells vs a pregnant para who would smell food and could become nauseous due to their morning sickness. Paras could also get mood boosts from lots based on them remembering going to that lot previously.
    When they go shopping for clothes or any other objects they can react with a negative or positive response, based on the quality of the item.

    Food wouldn’t only smell good but it would taste good as well. They could have fluctuating tastes as in they’ll have cravings for certain foods, or if they end up eating a food they didn’t want it could not satisfy them and cause them to either still be hungry or upset. They may like one food one day then not like it the next time. They may not even like a certain dish or certain foods at all and wont eat it if they’ve tried it once. ( I think it’d be cool if we could somehow pick what foods they wont like or either let them be generated randomly within coding) Develop favorite foods based on the type of food(s).

    They can feel lost if they’re in a new area of town they’ve never visited before and feel either scared or curious and want to explore further. They notice their surroundings, not just looking around physically but they notice the weather they notice the amount of people in town, they notice if a new place has popped up or not including new neighbors moving in, they notice new houses that have been built in the neighborhood and may be interested in buying it or notice houses for sale and so forth. They can feel scared or alert if they see/hear sirens or cop/ambulance lights or seeing/and hearing paras freaking out (yelling, screaming, fighting, crying, etc.) whether it be near by, next door, or far off.

    Interior would work the same as physical appearances such as clothing and homes. Paras would notice if a para is well dressed or dressed in a certain way which would cause them to feel either of the many emotions: adoration, envy, self-conscious, or sadness. It can be due to them liking what the other paras wearing or how the home is decorated, feeling less attractive, or wishful in wishing they had the same thing, or envy as in they’re better than others and look better and dress better and have a better house.
    They can also marvel at how a room or house is decorated or become bored or not affected by any of it because its overrated to them.

    This level of programming for paras having in-depth thoughts is probably not going to be a thing and probably be more of a mod than anything. So I don’t expect this to be in the game or anything but maybe a mod but thought to list here anyway. But if it were to be in the game that’d be nice too.

    For all the simulation games I’ve ever played I’ve never seen or had the option to let my character think to themselves–reflect on life if you will. By this I mean the character is self-aware of their memories, past and recent choices, and their current and future wants and fears. They’re not just being listed as photos with a caption telling us as players about what happened. But the para would remember this, so much to the point, they’d let us know they didn’t like a certain situation or want to do something different in the future. I’d call this action “Reflect on Life”.

    Paras would have the ability to think back on their life past,present, future and change their behavior,habits, etc. based on the positive or negative experiences they’ve had. So it could be relationships, jobs, love life.etc.
    You’d be able to click on your paras and a list like this could appear for them to reflect back on.

    They wouldn’t think about everything at one time but whatever you chose from them to reflect on. Then you’d be able to see how your para felt about certain situations and people. Including short term/long term goals not just for the future but present. Things from the past they either achieved or didn’t and how they felt about it. This method would allow us to find out what our para would like to do now or change about their life. Giving a sense of realism and make gameplay interesting.

    So let’s put a fake para into action after selecting them to reflect on their past love life:

    Erin is a young adult, who remembers her ex boyfriend Kaden who was not into music and he wasn’t the type to go out a lot, and was also a self-employee (gardened for a living). She’s realized she was not happy in the relationship due to lack of memories and him not responding or rejecting to do things she wanted. But now she wants to date someone in the future who likes music, is outgoing,and is not self-employed.
    We only know this because of the AI generating her memories, thoughts,and emotions from that period in time and combining them into one.

    But again this wouldn’t be limited to just community lots but everyday life too…

    What ideas would you all like to see if we could have ‘five senses’ for paras?

    Soml replied 3 years, 10 months ago 5 Members · 4 Replies
  • 4 Replies
  • Sounds cool. Something like this would be nice to tie into a system of preferences for Parafolk. Like taste could tie into favorite foods, or a preference for sweets. Sight could relate to favorite colors.

    Posted March 22, 2020 at 5:19 pm
  • These are very interesting ideas, the author is well done!

    Posted March 24, 2020 at 6:21 am
  • [quote quote=7277]Sounds cool. Something like this would be nice to tie into a system of preferences for Parafolk. Like taste could tie into favorite foods, or a preference for sweets. Sight could relate to favorite colors.


    Oh yes, I really miss being able to choose your sims favourite colors and such in the sims 4! This would make things so realistic and more fun. Like if your para loves pink but hates green; if you put in a green carpet they’d feel annoyed about it, and if it was pink they’d feel extra happy when they saw it! Same with favourite flavors, music and activities!

    Posted April 8, 2020 at 6:10 pm
  • [quote quote=7277]Sounds cool. Something like this would be nice to tie into a system of preferences for Parafolk. Like taste could tie into favorite foods, or a preference for sweets. Sight could relate to favorite colors.


    It would be funny if those with sweet tooth end up having to visit the dentist from consuming too much sweets/dessert

    Posted April 9, 2020 at 11:41 am

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