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  • Paras handling past and present conflict and negative situations

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    How would you like for paras to react to present and past conflicting situations both individually or among many? This goes for also sadness and anger as well.

    I had some thoughts today about conflicts in game between paras and the complex personalities people want to see in them and the devs are wanting to give. For conflicts I would like to see them react in a more realistic manner and have it vary between personalities because sims I didn’t really see anything that was new with each generation of sims games.

    One example a hypothetical one ☝️ I have is two paras who used to be friends ended up not liking each other because maybe there was a job posting that one really wanted and told them about it and the other friend applied for the Same position and got hired. So para 1 becomes angry and feels betrayed and para 2 is trying to console her that she won’t take it. Everyone knew they were inseparable and become surprised they are no longer friends. So now if they know each other is going to be at the same place or is invited to the same place they won’t attend, or if they do attend an event and see the other is there they will want to leave or cause drama depending on personalities.

    Should paras be able to avoid communication with each other during conflict? Withstand tension but become uncomfortable? Cause drama by spreading rumors or talk/openly talking behind their back to others around them? Be able to become passive aggressive? (Which would work as in a para could become late, say they’ll be there and show up late or cancel last minute, doing poor job performance, if asked a favor they would wait until the other para asked them about it again, purposefully forgetting or messing belongings up. I’m not sure if silent treatments or ignoring could work in game but it’d be interesting ).

    How would everyone like to see their paras in conflicting situations, bad blood, or fiends and fueds between paras be handled and shown in game?

    amandac replied 3 years, 3 months ago 3 Members · 2 Replies
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  • I think if two (or more) Parafolk have an a conflict it would make sense for them to get angry simply by being around each other. Like if one is out for a walk and they pass by the other’s house or sees them at the park they’ll could become irritated. A braver/more confrontation Para might actually approach them, while a less confrontational Para may just be angry from afrar. If they work together, maybe they’d get upset having to go to work, maybe even want to quit their job if the relationship has become very bad.

    I think spreading rumors or talking behind someones back would be an extreme interaction, only possible once the Paras are furious with each other and have a very negative relationship (almost un-repairable). I’d like it the Paras arguments and meanness would escalate over time if nothing was done to fix it, but they’d mellow out if they were able to work to reconcile.

    Posted August 10, 2020 at 5:22 pm
  • I like the idea of paras reacting to situations according to their personality. In TS2, I had a female sim whose ex-boyfriend married someone else (marriage of convenience) but they continued to see each other (she was his true love). Her sister married his brother so both had to attend the wedding and he had to bring his wife. The ceremony was held outside and they stayed away from each other but when it came time to cut the cake and make toasts (inside the house), my sim didn’t join in. She sat outside the whole time and the sister came out to sit with her. No drama, no jealousy, no silly moves like kissing the ex-girlfriend in front of the wife. This happened without any direction from me. I loved that!

    Posted August 11, 2020 at 8:34 am

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