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    Posted by Sunshine on April 4, 2020 at 8:41 pm

    (Ideas for a possible Paranormalspack)

    Playable Paranormals
    They have a spellbook and could perhaps be various strong.
    -Fairys/Fairy Godmothers(playable)
    Also the fairy could have special magic powers, and could become a fairy godmother(Maybe as playable Job)
    -Mermaid(Not Evil;playable)/Siren(Evil;playable)

    -Unicorn(playable or not=like horses; but you have to tame the unicorn in a special magical place; Unicorn could kill you)

    Special Paranormal Creatures
    -Sandman (Not playable; Comes to the children in the evening, The Paras don’t see him, children fall asleep immediately when he blows his sand on them)
    -Toothfairy (Not playable; only comes when your child loses a tooth, the tooth is placed under the pillow and a gift is left; only children see her)
    -Easter Bunny (Not playable; you only see him at easter when he lays his eggs, he disappears in a cloud of pink smoke when he comes and goes, he is only at easter in the garden; only parachildren see him)
    -Santa Claus (Not playable; only comes on christmas when the tree is up, the children have written a letter or cookies and milk are ready for him; lands on the street with his reindeercarriage; only children see him)
    -Mr. Nightmare(appears when all paras are sleeping, laughing dancing through the house, brings nightmares, paras can stop him by night lights for children and dream catchers for older paras, no para can see him)
    -Lilith(comes at death, collect souls, mother of evil witches, evil witches pray to her, when she brings the death only the dying person can see here, she is in another bodyform and not her paraform)
    -Winter-/Summer-/Spring-/Autumn-Spirit(Each of them brings a Season)

    – Only come in different times of your Paravolks lifestages or different times from the world

    -Dragon(maybe flies by and lands on the street and spits fire on your house; no interaction on the dragon himself; only on the fire)
    -Giant(you only see the giant’s foot; This triggers earthquakes due to his weight and he may crush your Para’s car or even your Para itself. (new way of death))
    -Zombies(Many zombies run through the streets and transform everyone else outside into a zombie)

    -Thies events don’t happen often, only sometimes bring thies events chaos to the life of your paras.

    Special Places
    -Haunted Mansion (nobody lives there, paras can visit the place and be scared to death)
    -Unicorn Tame spot (Unicorn is not always there)
    -Lilith Home(if you find out who she is you can offer her to bring back lost lives(only by her home) special stack from which she brings back bad souls, good souls emerge under white smoke)
    – Divesites for mermaids
    -magical forest(Special woods where everything can happen)
    -Spot for each playable Paranormal
    -magic store (ingredients for potions, some magical objects)

    Magic things
    – different wands(magic wands (floor-deep wands / wands that are only in hand) with various magical abilities; only witches and fairies can use them, they can also use them for their normal magic abilities)
    – Djinn lamp(paras can make wishes after jinn comes out)
    -magic Mirror(talking with mirror; relationship)
    – pixiedust(can let others fly; can give you special abilities)
    – flower of life(can bring youth to your para, when they find thies special flower)
    – crystal ball, Tarot cards(let your para see his or her future; or show others their Future; communication with the dead)
    – poisoned apple(para falls asleep, wakes only up by an spell or something like that)
    – talking trees/plants
    – magical seashell(call mermaid)
    – magic cauldron(to create different potions or cursed objects)
    – witch broom(fly with the broom through the night)

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