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    Thank you for your interest in contributing to our Wiki!


    • [b]You agree that site admins may amend, format or remove any article that does not follow these guidelines.[/b]
    • Please leave your articles open for others’ to contribute to. Collaboration is the whole point of the Wiki! 😀
    • The Wiki is protected by a revision history system. Any abuse can easily be reverted and will result in your account being terminated.


    • Do not submit personal information of any Paralives developer or members of our community.
    • Please write in a formal demeanour at all times. Avoid jargon and slang. Keep your articles short, clear and concise.
    • Avoid adding a conclusion to the bottom of your articles. Instead, use a short summary of what the article is about at the top of your post.
    • Please do not address the reader. For example, do not use language like “If you would like to find out more information [click here]…” instead use “More information can be found [at this link]
    • Please write in third person language.
    • Do not submit content that is unrelated to Paralives.
    • You may correct the spelling or improve the grammar of any public article.
    • You may amend or add to any existing out-of-date information


    • You can switch between the [b]visual [/b] editor and the [b]text [/b] editor using the buttons over the top right corner of the editor. Visual is generally easier to use
    • Use tables to format data where necessary.
    • Use [b]Heading 2[/b] in the visual editor or <h2></h2> in the text editor for main titles.
    • Use [b]Heading 4[/b] in the visual editor or <h4></h4> in the text editor for sub titles.
    • You may improve the formatting of any public article.
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