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    Hi! I am not sure if it has already been discussed, but I am excited to see what the younger Parafolk would look like as well as how they would interact with the older Parafolk!

    Here are some ideas:


    1. To distinguish baby girl from baby boy, baby girl should have a cute clip or ribbon on her hair (yes, both babies should have a tiny bit of hair!)

    2. Wide range of onesies to choose from

    3. Scheduled feeding time: at least 5 times a day – a notification would pop up that the baby must feed

    4. Bathing: Give them a warm bath in a smaller tub (specifially designed for babies and toddlers)

    5. Diaper Changing: I’d like to see colored diapers too! Makes it more fun! Also, at least 5 minutes Paratime given to doing this.


    1. More clothing and hair options!

    2. Genetic features from parents start to show.

    3. Time to teach them walking, talking and potty

    4. Toddlers would start to grow their hair and we can go visit a hair salon for kids for their haircut.

    5. Still loves to sleep


    1. Option to wear school uniform (from where I am from, the uniform is mandatory, so it would be nice to see this as an option)

    2. Girls would have hairstyle options (bigger ribbons, braided, etc)

    3. Goofy walk (I don’t want to see a serious walking Parakid hahahaha)

    4. They must have those school trolleys or backpacks for school to make it realistic


    1. Rebellious option (coming home late, not studying)

    2. Their style on clothing becomes more evident

    3. Boys can grow hair longer than usual

    4. Smaller bags because they definitely have lockers in school

    5. Body built can now depend on how much they exercise / how much they eat.

    Anyone have more ideas for the growing years of a Parafolk? I’d be interested to read them!

    sweetchilli replied 3 years, 8 months ago 3 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • I like a lot of your ideas. I like the idea of hair clips and ribbons being available for baby girls, but I feel that it should be optional. I think I wouldn’t want all of my girls to have an accessory on at all times. I also think teaching to walk and talk should start at the baby stage, since a child needs to be walking to be classified as a toddler and also many kids start saying words before they learn to walk. But I love all of the other ideas you have. I hope we can see a lot of these in the game.

    I personally would love to see things like playmats, playpens, bouncer, and walkers for babies. I hope we can also get strollers and carseats for travel. For toddlers, I’m mainly hoping we can teach them lots of things. I hope we can teach them interactions, like how to greet other Paras, how to share with other children, how to pet an animal, etc. I love your idea for uniforms for children and teenagers in school. That’s one of my wishes as well.

    Posted June 10, 2020 at 10:20 pm
    • I was about to make many of the same points. I don’t like auto hair clips either, but I like many of the other ideas.

      Posted June 11, 2020 at 3:31 am

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