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  • luseda1

    July 17, 2019 at 4:50 am
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    Does your pal really want to buy something, but feel too lazy to leave the house? Do they not have the start-up funds they would need to rent or buy a physical site for a business, but really want to start one? Well, assuming they have internet access, there’s a whole online market out there for all their buying and selling needs: they just have to reach out there and use it.

    Would-be buyers can browse through an online catalog, with filters if they’re looking for something specific. You’ll see listings for all kinds of items online, with prices, pictures of the items with varying quality and truthfulness (but more on that later), shipping times (random, usually at least 2 days) and seller reviews in stars. If the shipping times are too long, you can pay extra for faster shipping. If you buy from a seller with a lower star rating, buyer beware: you’re more likely to be sent a defective item, a terrible knockoff of what you meant to buy, or a different item entirely. But the risk might just be worth it for that lower price, right?

    Eventually, the package will arrive and you can open it. If all goes well, the pal might be happy or excited over the item. If something is wrong, depending on personality, they might react with anger or sadness. Perhaps they can film themself opening it and make an unboxing video.

    So how is a pal to get the money to make online purchases? Well, they can always open their own E-store to make money. If they have collectibles or crafted items, they can list those and adjust the prices. They also have to take a picture of the item on sale; the quality of the picture will depend on their photography skill, if we get that. It may take a while to make a sale; they can try promoting your store online to increase how quickly items are bought. When there is a buyer, it’s time to package the item and ship it off.

    But finding nice collectibles or making good craftables might sound like too much work for your pal. Have no fear, because you don’t have to be honest about what you’re selling. With some mischief skill (or some equivalent), you can lie and fake and sell knockoffs to your heart’s content. Go ahead and hock that coffee maker that’s been busted for two years now. Sure, you might get negative reviews, but that’s a small price to pay, isn’t it?

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