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    September 15, 2019 at 10:53 pm
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    Libraries are a common thing in the sims but they’re mostly just rooms with bookshelves and computers.

    What if in Paralives Libraries would be a playable lot? I’d been thinking of some actions ideas paras could possibly due:

    Checkout books and then return them (get late fees if they’re late)

    Libraries would have special type of books paras cant normally get through buying a bookshelf. Ideas I had would give these skills points:

      Business/investing (business skills)
      Design (interior design,fashion,fine art) (design skill points)
      Software/coding books (programming skill)

    Sign up for library cards in order to use computers.

    Libraries would increase logic or give special kinds of skills if paras frequently visit the library, that they would not be able to get if they don’t visit libraries. Including the skill to read books much faster than other paras.

    Students would have to research papers homework at libraries and home only,including test prep or exams.

    If paras are authors, there would be a way in their career after advancing so much and after publishing so many books, to have their books available in libraries.

    If we could make libraries playable what special skills would you like to see and the books that followed with it? List ideas below!

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