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    <div>These aren’t really fully fleshed out ideas but I’d like to share them nonetheless to see everyone’s thoughts and maybe have a discussion about it.</div><div>

    • What if they had an inheritance system in the game? (family drama much? lol)
    • Based off their personality/preferences, that determines how they would autonomously spend their money(what they would spend it on, how much they spend).


    • If they had a dislike section for certain things, maybe there could be a subsection? Like if they dislike bugs, it’s not all bugs but maybe that one huge bug that runs fast that shall not be named lol. While on the other hand they like/are okay with ladybugs, butterflies, slugs, etc.


    • Ability to work from home.
    • About the school with uniforms, maybe a casual Friday(para can wear whatever they want/randomly generated outfit)? I wish they could do that in real life. If not, I would really appreciate a mod for that.
    • Adopting a person as family. Like if two people are so close friends that they consider each other siblings(like a brother/sister to them).
    • An old lady adopting someone as a son or grandson/daughter/grand daughter as another example. I like the idea of found family.
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