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    This has been an idea ive been wishing and holding on to for many years now. I love custom content and its always been a part of the said game when i play. Though I wasnt sure if a in-game online equivalent to sims gallery, would be a thing and as far as we know currently it’s just multiplayer will not be a thing sadly. But i think this idea would only work if we had online to be honest unless there was a way for it to work offline but send data back online at the same time. If anyone is confused by what i just said i am too, but i hope you all get what i’m trying to say LOL. OKAYY on to the idea part 😛

    Custom content stores. This could be a great way for the community to be able to add community lots into their own game to either fill it up and also get cc without having to download individual files and forget who made it. Also it’d be a cute and fun way for content creators to market their creations to players. I might add some example pics later haven’t decided yet.

    Step 1. In my mind of how this would work is we start off by picking a template shell of a building. That can either be one story or two story you know to keep it simple. ( There’d be many templates to choose from, but if you’d like to start from scratch and design your own shell you can). When a shell is clicked on while in build mode, a window pops up asking what kind of lot do you want this to be listed as, options below stating:

    Residential Furniture
    Business (community lot) Furniture
    Functional objects (radios, tvs, appliances, cars, etc.)

    Next, we would be prompted to enter a business name and content creators name. But in the game’s map you’d only see the business’s name.

    Step 2. So to add on to that above, next, you would be prompted to create your para manager who represents you as the content creator. Who would appear in your store when another player downloads the lot into their own game and plays. That other npc paras would see as well and be able to interact with in live mode.
    ( If there was a way online to do this i think it’d even be cool to be able to leave a star review when you clicked on the content creators para that would get reflected as feedback to the content creators email).

    Step 3.
    You would be prompted to add custom content from your computer files you created in order for it to appear in the game. So this would allow the files ( both the lot file,custom content by the creators, including any other content that was used to design the lot itself) to be packaged into one and load in game accordingly. Again, Only items you have selected will appear in that store so it gives many opportunities to create versatile stores with custom content.

    Step 4. You would be able to set a general price range for the items like this:

    $ cheap
    $$ affordable
    $$$ moderate
    $$$$ expensive
    Because i think setting individual prices for every item would be too tedious.

    Step 5. Again this feature, if the game can somehow work online like how the sims 4 is with their sim gallery. So money that paras spend in these stores in their own game would be added back to the content creator’s para’s household fund. So in a way it’s like their making money for their para without actually having the para to work. Again that’s if this is even possible or if we even have online capabilities to interact this way.

    Step 6. Designing the store. So you can design the store however you’d like both interior and exterior.

    From there you would be able to upload it and share it with others.

    Let me know of any thoughts or suggestions you all have!

    Tini96 replied 3 years, 6 months ago 4 Members · 5 Replies
  • 5 Replies
  • I love this idea! It is something completely different than custom content created in the past. It would be a game within a game. We would have the chance to be creative when sharing our creations. I like that the Parafolk are involved in the process.

    Some people who are not cc creators might still want to design a store. Or people who do not want to design a store could be cc creators. What if you can collaborate with other players? If you become friends you will be able to share stores and cc and work together. You could then see store of player A selling content by player B. And then other players could download this store as a whole.

    Posted June 14, 2020 at 10:38 am
    • Yes those who aren’t content creator would be able to make a store especially if the content creator(s) decides not to or don’t want to but would want to collab, there’d still be a way to share their cc.

      I am wondering though if those who aren’t creators end up sharing cc from more than one person how it’d work for the para whos to appear as the manager when they load it in game.

      Posted June 14, 2020 at 2:16 pm
  • Ooh I love this! I think that this would be such a unique and fun way to bring the cc community together! I think it’s important that Paralives is its own game and although I sadly believe this will not be possible, I still think that this would be a really cool way to set it apart from other games.

    Posted June 14, 2020 at 12:10 pm
    • It really would! It’d be a dream to have 🙂

      Posted June 14, 2020 at 2:12 pm
  • Ohh i love this idea, it would also bring a new wind into the life simulation genre and for my part i sometimes forget which creator has made the CC I use and it would be really good to know which creator made the CC I used especially if it is a favorite.

    Posted June 14, 2020 at 2:36 pm

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