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    Posted by Sunshine on April 6, 2020 at 11:33 am

    -Spells/Charms/Curses (Have a spellbook)
    -Cast spell on objects to enchant them(Mirror,Broom,Closet,fireplace,Dreamcatcher, household items,car)
    -teleporting spell
    -ice spell on paras
    -could control the weather(Call Thunderstorm spell)
    -call lightning spell to special place/para
    -fireball spell to special place/para
    -raise the dead spell
    -doubling spell(ingredients)
    -clonespell(clone could be destroyed also with another but harder spell)
    -defensespell (against other paranormals f.e. Dragons or zombies)
    -turn someone into stone spell
    -turn someone into an object spell
    -lovespell (destroying love/helping someone to find it)
    -ugly curse(could be broken by true loves kiss)
    -sleeping curse(para eats cursed apple or another cursed fruit and falls asleep as long as somebody wakes para up with true loves kiss)
    -counterspell( when the witch/wizard how cast thies spell is stronger than the one how casts first the curse, it would be broken)
    -cleaningspell(room would become clean)
    -cooking spell(cast thies on the stove and chosen food comes out)
    -repairspell(repair broken things)
    -Controlspell(cast thies on other paras and you control him or her, you could destroy his life)
    -invisibilityspell(make yourself invisible)
    -restorationspell(restorate your magic)
    -Stopfreezespell(freeze somebody for a time, an unfreeze the person later or never)
    -Needsspell (for every need a spell to fill it up)
    -Needcurse(for every need a curse to fill it down)
    -breathe underwater spell(you can breathe underwater for a time)
    -Gardenspell(take care of your garden in less time)
    -careerspell(give your job a little boost)

    -the system could be that some witches/wizards are not so strong (most of them) and some of them would be super strong (more rare),so their is more individuality in their magic
    -also their magic could be shown in different colours(one witch/wizard has green magic the other has blue magic, we could choose the colour)
    -the things they could do and if it works out could dependent on their strength

    -Special Skills in creating potions or with herbalism
    -potions would work with higher probability by witches then paras

    -They could create one
    -after that they can fly with the broom
    -more than just flying in the sky and then flying from the sky down to the earth
    -when you fly high in a thunderstorm you could be easier hitted by lightning

    -more witchcraft means less humanity/less feelings
    -by too many cast spells you feel drained(death for witches/wizards)

    -Witch/Wizard Battle
    -more active,with consequences,different options
    -Witch/Wizard fightbattle(losing strength,by too much lost strength they die, turning into stone(their would be a counterspell),also witches make jokes about you when you lose a fight)
    -Witch/Wizard funbattle(losing strength, nobody makes jokes about you, give the hand to each other after and before the fight)
    -Witch/Wizard ingredientsbattle(battle to get wands, herbs, ingredients for potions)

    -Having a companion
    -Raven,Cat,Rat,Spider(for Wicked Witches)
    -Owl,Cat,Mouse(for Good Witches)

    -Small special things
    -books fly when they read them
    -can choose which wand they want to use, can use magic without them
    -when they are only under paranormals they act more witch-/wizard-like
    -Their are good witches/evil witches(act different)
    -if you are friends with a witch, she sometimes offers you magical help
    -evil/wicked laugh by evil witches/wizards
    -wicked witches/wizards are feared by others(animals run away, other paras are afraid)
    -can teach magic and potions to others
    -children sometimes cast spells without wanting it
    -witch/wizards live longer than normal Paras
    -Magic interactions with others(not real spells, just friendly or unfriendly interactions that look magical and witchlike)

    -Vodoo Queens/Kings (Job for Witches/Wizards)
    -Selling things and making rituals to help others by magicproblems
    -Ritual magic (fertility ritual, calling the dead)
    -Voodoopowers (Voodoodoll,etc.)
    -Creating amulets,talismans (protecting the person that have that)
    -Tarot, crystal ball(seeing future)

    -All that could also been used by witches outside their career

    justarandomgamer300 replied 2 years, 9 months ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • justarandomgamer300

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    Oh yes! I would love to see that in Paralives (I wouldn’t mind if they don’t though!)

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