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  • Ideas for ghosts in paralives

    Posted by mam on September 3, 2020 at 11:05 pm

    I had a bunch of ideas for better ghosts in paralives, if there are ghosts in the future.

    – You have a fear buff which lasts for hours or anytime you enter a haunted building.

    -ghostly whispers happen in haunted buildings. GET OUT

    -shadow figures at the end of hallways

    -cupboard doors swinging open

    -doors slamming


    -floating orbs

    -ghost hunter career

    -ghost stories around a campfire can manifest a ghost in the distance and then you become too afraid to sleep in your tent.

    -waking up to bangs and bumps at night

    -hiding under the covers with a flashlight

    -ghost under the bed

    -ghost in the closet…closet door creaks open in the middle of the night

    -glowing eyes outside in the darkness

    -electronics gltich out when a ghost enters the room, flickering lights, tv that turns on and off and changes channels.

    -kids toys move from where you set them down…maybe haunted dolls.

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  • Zot-Lar

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    Exactly! In fact I just gave my suggestion on something similar in the ideas section. Now that you mention this, it would be good to see shadow people in your house, black shadows standing in a corner that depend on the feature or perk of your house.😀

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