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  • Idea for Adult drinks in the Nightlife

  • cakeefeatured

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    March 10, 2020 at 12:01 am
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    If bars, lounges,and alcohol are to be a thing (or being named something different bc of the age rating) I had an idea that could add interest to the nightlife for paras.

    I think it’d be cool if we could customize drinks and be able to not only name them for paras but save them to the current bars menu to be served either just for that bar or for all lots. Paras could also have a fav adult drink in their bio/favs. If we could use them as businesses I think it’d be cool to have a list of what drinks paras drink the most throughout the week/month and set prices accordingly based on popularity (this could work for other businesses like clothes or other items). Including being able to set happy hour for half priced items.

    So my idea for creating custom adult drinks would work something like this:

    there could be four bases you start with

    Clear liquid (can be changed to any color)
    Golden liquid
    Fizzy liquid (has carbonated bubbles)
    Red liquid (similar to wine)

    Step 2

    Ingredients, which could allow you to have any fruit or veggies in it maybe 3-4

    Step 3

    Flavorize. Would have a multitude of flavored syrups that could be added there could be no set limits. But it doesn’t always mean they’ll taste good to each para.

    Step 4
    Add ice cube, umbrellas, sugar, candy, and other garnished items.

    Step 5

    Color. Add different colors, neon, or glow in the dark,or gradients. This could be applied to decorate ice cubes, tier layers (which add colors up to 3 colors on top of each other in the liquid base), sugar, candy/sprinkles, salt, fog

    Step 6
    Title. Giving a name to your drink!

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