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    What are Hub Points?

    Active members of The Paralives Hub are rewarded with Hub Points, which are displayed on your profile page and on your forum posts. As you accumulate Hub Points, you will see your rank increase, unlocking new titles for your profile along the way. By engaging more with the website, you will also get the chance to earn profile badges, adding an extra layer of recognition to your contributions.

    How to earn Hub Points

    Just by being active and helpful on The Paralives Hub, you can score points! It’s like a way of measuring your awesomeness. 😀 Participate in forum discussions, give likes to others’ posts, and watch those points roll in. Furthermore, when your content is liked by fellow members, you earn even more points! If you’re curious about different ways to earn points, check out other members’ badges (displayed on profiles) and learn from their experiences. There’s a whole world of possibilities to earn those Hub Points, so get exploring! 😀

    Hubkin Affiliate Link

    Did you know that there’s a nifty, lesser-known method to earn some extra Hub Points on The Paralives Hub? It’s all about referring people using your very own affiliate link. Here’s how you do it: Simply add /?mref=your_username to the end of any Paralives Hub link. Here is an example: By spreading the word and getting others to sign up through your referral, you’ll not only score bonus points but also unlock some exclusive badges (coming soon) as a proud Hubkin Affiliate! It’s a win-win situation for you and your fellow Paralives enthusiasts. So why wait? Start sharing the Paralives Hub love and reap the rewards!

    Losing Hub Points

    Occasionally, certain actions within the community can result in the deduction of points. For instance, if you ‘like’ a comment, both you and the comment’s author earn points. However, the reverse is also true! If you undo your like, points will be deducted for both parties. This measure is in place to safeguard against system abuse. Furthermore, points awarded for posting replies will be retracted if your post is deleted by a moderator, effectively deterring spamming behaviour.

    Ranks, badges and prizes

    When you reach a certain number of points, your overall rank will increase. Completing special actions, or reaching certain milestones can earn you special badges and bonus points! Some badges are only available during special events hosted on the Hub, and act as tickets for prizes and giveaways. For example, members with the Diamond Egg badge successfully completed our Easter Egg Hunt, and will be entered into a prize draw to win a free Paralives game code once the game is released. The Hub will host similar events like this in the future, so it’s worth checking back or following us on socials!

    Cheaters and Abuse

    Please do not spam to earn points! To prevent abuse, there are daily point limits on certain activities, such as posting on the forums. Abusers may receive point deductions, or be banned from the Hub. 🙁

    Have Fun!

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