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    Posted by Jinxin on November 25, 2019 at 6:06 pm

    When I play the sims, I like to play generational, and what really irks me is the fact that whenever my sims visit their parents for Winterfest, I can either:
    A – Play as only one sim and have the rest of the family use the computer upstairs instead of socialising in the rooms decorated for the holiday.
    B – Merge the households, giving all unlocks and household inventory items to the host family
    C – Add random sims to the households and then merge the households, which can be tedious when there’s several households that need managed.

    Obviously, none of these are ideal, so in Paralives i’d like to see a proper way for you to control multiple households. Two ideas I came up with were:
    The option to click on a Para from a different household and instantly swap control to that household. Since Paralives will be open world, this could work really well to minimise loading screens, as if you wanted to swap to a completely different household, you could just move the camera to their house and click on them to swap control, and your other Para household would become autonomous. Maybe this option could be in a cheat menu, like when you shift + click on a Sim.

    The ability to temporarily merge households, so you gain control of another households Para’s until they leave. All household funds and posessions would stay in their original households. To balance this, maybe it would only be available to Para’s that are in played households or you have a high relationship with. Or through cheating, lol.

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  • gamedomino

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    November 25, 2019 at 6:40 pm
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    I believe that this is a great idea, being able to control multiple households would be great and a highly requested feature.

    Although I believe you should have to know someone in the household before you are able to control them, so you can’t just control households who are complete strangers, maybe the same for households who are enemies.

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