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  • duskexx

    August 26, 2019 at 7:24 am
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    As a horse person, I was so happy when I heard that horses will be in Paralives! Anyway they’re handled, I think they’ll be great, these are just some ideas! <3

    I think there should be two skills: a ‘riding’ skill and a ‘training’ skill. The riding skill would obviously be the para’s ability to ride a horse and should decrease the risk of falling off. It could be improved slightly by reading books, be increased more by actually riding, and increased the most by taking lessons. The training skill would be the para’s ability to train foals and young horses. It could be improved slightly by reading books, improved more by doing groundwork or riding, and improved the most by attending clinics on horse training or having a lesson.

    I think falling off should have a chance of just giving a bad moodlet, or the Paralives version, or having a small chance of giving the Para an injury. If the Para gets an injury, they could also get a bad moodlet when interacting with horses after that, to replicate the confidence loss you can get after having a bad fall.

    Horse skill level can be increased by riding and will be increased more the higher the Para’s training skill is.

    I think there should be two types of riding: Pleasure riding and Competitive riding. Pleasure riding would just be riding for fun, would give a positive moodlet (or Para equivalent) and require a lower skill level. Competitive riding would be competing the horses, would give money for winning, and require a much higher skill level. Some ideas for competitions are: Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping, Reining, Barrel Racing, Carriage Driving, In-Hand Showing/Breed shows, Endurance and Racing. If a Para becomes very successful and wins a lot, they can be offered Sponsorships which will let them have a career in the Competition industry. When entering a competition, there can be a recommended skill level for horse and rider – if you’re at the skill level, you have a reasonable chance of winning, below and you have less. You can’t enter a competition with too high of a skill level, you have to go up a level.

    Some other ways for Para’s to have a job in the horse industry would be:
    The Para could take in young horses who need to be trained for other Paras for a fee. If the Para doesn’t have a high enough skill level the training has a chance of going badly and the Para’s training reputation could be reduced, taking away the number of customers they have. Alternatively, successful training will improve Paras reputation. Maybe when a customer asks for a horse to be trained, a pop-up appears with a recommended skill level. If you’re at the skill level, you have a 75% chance of completing it well – slightly below is 50%, severely below is 25%, above is 100%
    If the Para has a successful competition mare or stallion, it can breed them and sell the foals. The more successfully the horse has competed, the higher value the foals will have. If the horse hasn’t competed at all, the horse can still be bred but will not have valuable foals. Also, if foals compete successfully with new owners that would also increase the value of other foals produced.
    If the Para has a well-trained horse with a good temperament (ideas below for that) it can offer lessons for a fee on it. The Para would also need riding and training skills, as well as Charisma or the Paralives equivalent. The higher these skills, the higher the Para can charge. Again, a reputation system would be good. Reputation could be improved through students competing successfully, the student leaving lessons happy (the lower the charisma skill, less chance of leaving happy), etc. Reputation could be lowered from students falling, students leaving unhappy, etc.
    I don’t there should be equine vets, but a veterinarian who looks after cats, dogs, and horses.
    -Tack makers
    Para’s can make saddles, bridles, saddle pads, carriages if they’re added, etc.

    Some ideas for pleasure riding activities are:
    -Pony Club
    Paras Children to Teens can enter Pony Club, where they can also meet friends
    -Adult riders
    Similar concept to Pony Club but for adults
    -Trail riding
    Para will take horse on a ride around the neighborhood
    Para will take horse to beach and swim in the ocean
    Lots of different options, look up ‘mounted games’. Could be done with children and their friends

    I would like to see some different horse breeds, so these are just some that can offer different stuff. I don’t think there’s much point in adding 10 different Warmbloods.

    Arab: Can be ridden for a long time, excels in Endurance, often but not always has ‘Hot’ and ‘Intelligent’ traits

    Clydesdale: Is not very agile, so cannot compete very successfully, but can pull a cart and transport things – perhaps if there is a farm, they can transport produce, wood, etc, often has ‘Bomb-proof’ trait

    Warmblood: Excels in English competitions (if different disciplines are added) and is a typical competition horse for competitive riders, requires a high riding/training skill, often has ‘Talented’ and ‘Spooky’ traits

    Shetland: Is very small and makes a good children’s pony, cannot be ridden by Teen/Adult Paras, doesn’t need to be given grain, often has ‘Lazy’, ‘Bomb-proof’ and ‘Escapist’ traits

    Riding pony: Is bigger than Shetland and can be ridden by Teens as well, often had ‘Bomb-proof’ and ‘Lazy’ traits

    Quarterhorse: Excels in Western riding (if different disciplines are added)

    Friesian: If driving is added, will excel in carriage driving shows, often has ‘Spooky’ and ‘Talented’ traits

    Thoroughbred: Are very fast, need to be fed more than other horses, often has ‘Hot’ and ‘Talented’ traits

    -Hot: gets very excited, is good for competition horses, requires a high skill level to handle, can also appear if competing in high-energy competition i.e. racing or cross country
    -Lazy: does not get excited, is not good for competition horses but is very desirable in children’s ponies
    -Spooky: gets nervous easily, is not good for pleasure riders and requires a high training skill level to handle
    -Bomb-proof: doesn’t get nervous and is good for pleasure riders, is a good horse for improving riding skill, can be heriditory but can also appear after being trained
    -Intelligent: easy to train, often goes hand-in-hand with Escapist trait
    -Escapist: manages to escape paddocks and stalls, either by jumping, opening gates, etc. Just for the entertainment factor, very dangerous IRL but I think it’ll be cute in the game.
    -Talented: horses with the innate ability for competitions, not necessarily easy to train but can inherently do well in competitions

    For the care system, I think that every day, a horse needs to be given water and hay. If the horse has been ridden, it should be given grain, with exceptions for a Shetland. A horse can also be brushed, to increase the relationship with the horse and make the horse shiny.

    Here are some health things that could be included:
    -Vaccinations (could eliminate risk of getting ill)
    -Trimming for hooves (could reduce risk of going ‘lame’ aka not being able to be ridden because of soreness)

    I think it’s pretty obvious that a lot of this isn’t necessary in the slightest and a not-horse person wouldn’t care at all. But hey, it’d be awesome if any part of this was implemented!

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