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  • Group Idea: Skill Tree

    Posted by kirabook on February 9, 2020 at 3:46 pm

    Me and many others in the official Discord came up with an idea on how skills can work. We came up with the concept of a skill tree that works from bottom up. Below is an example of how it would work. The general idea is the mastery of one skill in a category should not mean you’re a master of the entire category.

    Let’s look at the Humanities (10/10) skill. It has 2 sub skills, Poetry and Writing, so each one is worth (5/10) Humanity skill points.

    (10/10) Poetry Skill = (5/10) Humanities
    (10/10) Writing Skill = (5/10) Humanities

    Master both the Poetry and Writing skill, then you master the Humanity Skill.

    Creativity is the parent of the Humanity skill worth (10/10). Creativity has 5 sub skills, so mastery of each branch is worth 2.

    (5/10) Humanities skill = (1/10) Creativity.
    (10/10) Humanities skill = (2/10) Creativity.

    So, what would this mean for gameplay? It would mean your parafolk is SUPER good with writing and poetry and while they might be a little bit better at art, music, cooking, and performance compared to a parafolk with NO Creativity skill, they definitely are not masters of them with only (2/10) Creativity points.

    With a system like this, it makes Sims a lot more unique to their craft. A para who can play the piano won’t immediately be a violin whiz. A para who can bbq grill won’t exactly be a professional gourmet chef. So on and so forth.

    Here is the map! It could still use some input but you get the general gist. I wanted to put this somewhere that wouldn’t get lose in the discord.
    Paralives Skill Map

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  • luseda1

    February 10, 2020 at 3:46 am
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    Hmm, potential issue. So flirting is under charisma and that means to max charisma you would have to max flirting. That seems like it’d leave aro-ace parafolk at a bit of a disadvantage. Yes, aro-aces can flirt too, but IDK, forcing them to flirt with people to, say, become a politician doesn’t seem right
    Perhaps the flirting skill could be moved? You could maybe make Romance a subcategory of Social and add flirting and kissing as subskills to that. Maybe dating too, unlocking different kinds of dates and interactions and making your para more successful at dates in general?
    So you could max charisma without having to flirt but still have a flirting social skill

    Also, having a separate romance skill that could be maxed would make for great aspiration potential. Play a Casanova that wants to max all those skills in particular (without necessarily playing a total cheater a la romance sims)

  • kirabook

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    February 10, 2020 at 3:16 pm
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    Ok, I have updated the chart just a smidge based on feedback, but most of the changes are not on the chart itself.

    Mastering Parent and sub-parent skills is not a goal or possibility. You don’t “master” Creativity, Handiness, Social, Cognition, or Physical. You don’t exactly master Cooking, Music, Art, etc etc either.

    Let’s go through an example. Every 10 points on the Cooking Skill nets you a prize. It could be money, an object, or maybe a special food recipe.

    Let’s pretend your Para masters the Baking Skill. That nets you 10 points. Tada! You get a Cooking prize!

    Let’s pretend your Para puts 5 points toward Frying Skill and 5 points toward Grilling Skill. Tada! Another 10 points! A total of 20 Cooking Skill points nets you the next big prize on the ladder.

    Let’s pretend they put 2 points toward Canning, 2 points towards Gourmet, 2 points toward Homemade, 2 points toward Brewing and 2 points toward Winemaking. Tada! That’s another 10 points, 30 in total. Time for another even bigger prize!

    See how that may work? And the super parent skill, Creative, might have its own bigger set of rewards with even bigger thresholds to reach. This method is less restrictive and a little less gamey. You can master an abundance of random subskills under a larger category and still be receiving rewards for your efforts.

    Now that that’s out of the way, another thing brought up in the discord was slightly different methods to grow different skills. Maybe growing your cooking skill isn’t only reading cook books. You have to successfully make a certain plate of food to finally gain a skill point. It starts off small. Successfully make a hot dog. Then it gets a little tougher. Successfully make spaghetti. Successfully bake a cake. Etc etc. Of course, it would depend in which subskill you’re leveling up under cooking.

    That would definitely be a challenge to find unique ways to level up certain skills, so make we’ll save that for another day.

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  • KadZuks

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    March 21, 2020 at 5:34 pm
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    I actually posted something similar to this a while ago on this forum! I think it makes perfect sense especially if your parafolk starts from a baby lifestage. Here’s what I put:

    I think an interesting concept to look into would be Skill Trees rather than a set of skills like in the Sims games.

    This is (roughly) how I would organize it using a similar system to the Sims life stage:

    Parababies/Paratoddlers would start off with the core skill bases –

    Communication – learning speech
    Creativity – learning colors, music, tastes, etc.
    Logic – learning shapes, numbers
    Motor – walking, potty-training

    To progress to the next stage in life or maybe to just age without any “issues” to your Parafolk, you’ll need to reach “Level X” of these skills. Or, in a more positive viewpoint, they would age with enhanced skill-learning abilities like being able to learn skills faster.

    For children, they can start branching out based on how far you got as a toddler, or maybe it would be better to just assume that all children start off on a clean-slate. Specifically skills will mostly be gained through school and based on the interest level your Parachild has in the subject:

    * Speech
    * Literacy – increased through education

    *Speech and literacy would be required as skills before aging up to teen.*
    * Art – increased through education (optional by choosing art or music class)
    * Music – increased through education (optional by choosing art of music class)
    * Culinary

    * Math – increased through education
    * Science – increased through education
    * Strategy – increased through education (optional by joining chess club)

    * Fitness – increased through education
    * Athletics – increased through education (optional by joining a school team)
    * Manual – these are just basic life skills
    * Bike-riding will be a learned Manual Skill

    Parateens skills will be more directly based off your skills gained as a child but can now almost be completely branched off into the specific skillsets:

    * Comedy
    * Acting (joining thespian club at school)
    * Romance (helpful with dating/romantic relationships)
    * Lying
    * Negotiation (available after leveling up Strategy Skills) – debate club??
    * Singing (available after leveling up Music Skills)
    Literacy – increased through education/ joining a book club
    * Poetry (increased through education by choosing poetry club)
    * Journalism (political, sports, entertainment, crime)
    * Creative Writing (writing novels, short stories, or genre books)

    Art – increased through education (optional by choosing art or music class) and specializing in these areas
    * Drawing
    * Painting
    * Sculpting
    * Fashion Design
    * Photography
    Music – increased through education (optional by choosing art of music class) and specializing in these areas
    * Piano
    * Guitar
    * Bass
    * Violin
    * Drums
    * Cooking (thoughts on how to branch this out even more?)
    * Baking

    Math – increased through education
    * Finance – increasing this skill will result in financial benefits (cheaper prices on items)
    Science – increased through education
    * Agriculture
    * Chemistry
    * Engineering
    * Astronomy
    * Programming
    * Psychology
    * Health
    Strategy – increased through education (optional by joining chess club), increasing this skill can result in learning all other skills at a faster rate.
    * Chess
    * Gaming
    * Billiards

    Fitness – increased through education
    * Running
    * Swimming
    * Weight-training
    * Self-defense/Fighting
    * Yoga
    * Dancing
    Athletics – increased through education (optional by joining a school team)
    * Basketball
    * Soccer
    Manual – these are just basic life skills
    * Fishing
    * Handiness
    * Cleaning – increases the speed in which your parafolk cleans things
    * Driving (specific for teens)
    * Theft

    For para-adults and up the skills will be roughly the same (with a couple additions) as parateens. Seeing as most players will start in the adult stage of life they will be set at the same settings as parateens with the addition of “Driving” being completed.

    I would also say that some skills would require certain events/tasks to be completed before you’re able to move up. For example: assuming college/universities will be added (eventually or at conception) you’ll need a degree to master a skill, or engineering you’ll need to successfully build a car to level up, etc. This would make it more interesting than just a level 1-10 system (@ the sims).

    And for occult life stages (if that’s ever a thing) they would have their own branch in addition to Communication, Creativity, Logic, and Motor.

  • LR

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    April 9, 2020 at 7:35 am
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    I like the idea! But as kirabook said there is some problems with the system. I think that to max a certain skill the parafolk doesn’t need to max all the five sub skill only 4 or 3 of them. But if he doen’t have a certain sub skill and he max the main skill he won’t automatically max the sub skill. For example the parafolk max music but he doesn’t know how to play in a violen, he would have a better starting point (he would have 1 or 2 from the beginning because he max music) but he won’t max it

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