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  • Edit: The massive consept for biology, gender, sexuality, personality, intellectual gifteness & intrests

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  • altaa-ira

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    July 20, 2019 at 7:01 pm
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    Phew. Once lost the text, I hope everything goes well now… πŸ˜•

    Hey guys! I made a topic to release the drafts for my own life simulation game I started to plan in May 2019. Due to the reality and my inexperiency in gaming development, I willingly share them to give inspiration and hypothetical material for this magnificent game. I really hope this would help even a bit.

    Why have I planned and written so much anyway? First off, I wanted to see how well the real life psychological theories would be adjusted for the life simulation game purposes. Secondly, I’ve always found the personality system lacking in the other life simulation games such as the Sims; there is not enough nyances and representation of the certain personalities and people. That’s why, I went crazy to challenge myself by testing how coherensive system I could plan from the scratch. (Finally, I’m a boring nerd without any social life and who has too much spare time to waste. :oops:)

    This is just a bare stucture and may contain conflicting material because it isn’t simply ready and words in the wrong contexts because I’ve translated the text. Please feel free to suggest and give constructive criticism. I may complete the text by writing down more notes in order to crarify when necessary.

    When something is based on the specific theory, I’ve refered to the original writer. The material has been collected from the public sources like Wikipedia because there’s not any academic library in the town where I am and I am not able to access to the electronic academic sources at the moment. Hence, the link between the temperament and personality is still incomplete.

    // Everything written between these marks are my explanations. You may notice which coding I’ve been practicing recently. //

    ●●● Biology ●●●

    • body type: (androgynous) / feminine / masculine
    • reproduction: insement / deliverer / both / neither
    • the way to urinate in the toilet: standing / sitting

    // It is basically the same as in the Sims 4. Should the clothing preference be here, too? I corrected the terms and deleted the old definion of function for the body types which was too transphobic in my opinion, too. Thank you for pointing out and terribly sorry for offending.
    Androgynous in this context refers to a character with no genitalia at all. It does not refer to non-binary people. My intention for it was to offer a possibility to create completely fictional characters like Koohaku from Wish and Ashura from RG Veda by CLAMP who were born without a biological sex. This may not be necessary category in Parafolks due to teen rating which means the absense of genitalia by default. Besides in this context, it may sound misleading due to all other options written below it. //

    ●●● Sexuality ●●●

    Romantic preference/orientation
    the model: “placeholder 1” “placeholder 2”

    • “placeholder 1” refers to how “demi” the character is. It is always false, if the character is aromantic.

    // demi = the need of high enough relationship before romantic interactions are unlocked – the same system as in the Sims. The difference: the absence of the demi status removes the system and thus, all the romantic interactions are always available despite the relationship bar. If taking the character’s values into account, they may decrease or increase the chance of using interactions automatically and accepting the others’ interactions. However, this would need a separate value system. //

    • “placeholder 2” can be any of the following:

    1) aromantic
    2) biromantic
    3) gayromantic
    4) heteroromantic
    5) panromantic
    6) fluid/queer romantic // technically the same as in the Sims. //
    // Removed orientations here. Thank you for Flawrence pointing out!
    As Bailey suggested, there could be a few by default and a custom category where to write own if needed. //

    Sexual preference
    – the model: “placeholder 1” “placeholder 2”
    – “placeholder 1” refers to how “demi” the character is. It is always false, if the character is asexual.
    // demi = the need of high enough relationship before intimate interactions are unlocked – the same system as in the Sims. The difference: the absence of the demi status removes the system and thus, all the romantic interactions are always available despite the relationship bar. If taking the character’s values into account, they may decrease or increase the chance of using interactions automatically and accepting the others’ interactions. However, this would need a separate value system. //

    • “placeholder 2” can be any of the following:

    1) asexual
    2) bi-curious
    3) fluid sexual // technically the same as in the Sims. //
    4) gay curious
    5) gaysexual
    6) heterosexual
    7) pansexual
    8) polysexual
    9) queersexual
    // Caution! Making separated preferences would need separated intimate and romantic interactions. In this case however, it must be taken into the account tha the aromantic but *place term*sexual could use romantic interactions without raising the romance bar.
    Once again, removed the orientation. //

    • the attitude towards the sexual intercourse: negative – neutral – positive

    // Primarily sexual intercourse interaction, perhaps the certain intimacy related interactions, too? This is the important aspect when it comes to the diversity of asexuality. It would make procreation possible to asexuals with family interests especially if there isn’t separate “try for baby” interaction which would be simple reproducing interaction without raising any bars. In addition, it would work with characters who would have very negative experiences about anything intimate related. //

    Sexual desire

    • the strenght of the libido

    // This would be more like a in-game feature – I’ve planned it but due to focusing on the character creation features, I don’t include the information here. Libido would be adjustable in the character creation. Once again, this is the important feature when it comes to the diversity of asexuality because they may have libido but it isn’t directed towards anyone. However, the masturbation interaction should be necessary in this case. //

    ●●● Temperament ●●●

    The scale ranges from 1 to 7 in which 4 indicated neutral and both 1 and 7 extreme.

    • Social

    <β—‹ passive – active β—‹>
    independent – relies on the others’ approval

    • Biologic rhythm

    <β—‹ early bird – night owl β—‹>

    • Reaction to/attitude towards new things

    <β—‹ withdrawing – pursuiting β—‹>

    • Adaption to new situations

    <β—‹ easy – difficult β—‹>

    • The stimulation sensibility of senses

    a tolerance to pain: <β—‹ low – high β—‹>
    a tolerance to heat: <β—‹ low – high β—‹>
    a tolerance to coldness: <β—‹ low – high β—‹>
    a tolerance to noice: <β—‹ low – high β—‹>
    ability to interpret social situations and others’ feelings: <β—‹ low – high β—‹>

    • The strength of reactions

    <β—‹ calm – easily enraged β—‹>
    <β—‹ calm – easily embarrassed β—‹>
    <β—‹ calm – easily astonished β—‹>
    <β—‹ calm – easily delighted β—‹>
    <β—‹ calm – easily disgusted β—‹>
    <β—‹ calm – easily crying β—‹>
    <β—‹ calm – easily afraid β—‹>

    general mood
    <β—‹ negative – positive β—‹>

    • The power of observation

    <β—‹ low – high β—‹>

    • The pacience

    <β—‹ sustainable – shortsighted β—‹>

    // The temperament would only be modified in the character customisation and safely with the codes afterwards. It would be genetic/hertable and affect to the given parts of the personality. However, the effect would be only 50% from the big picture. The rest of the personality would develop when growing up – by the child. //

    ●●● Personality ●●● (based on The five broad personality traits theory by Lewis Goldberg)

    The scale ranges from 1 to 7 in which 4 indicated neutral and both 1 and 7 extreme.

    // All words with “” -marking are under construction. Please suggest the words! //

    • Conventional – innovative

    <β—‹ traditional – “experimenting” β—‹>
    <β—‹ “concentrates on evertday life” – dreamer β—‹>
    <β—‹ practical – aesthete β—‹>
    <β—‹ “emphatizes on facts” – “emphatizes on feelings” β—‹>
    // Openness to experience //

    • Spontanous – conscientious

    <β—‹ carefree – responsible β—‹>
    <β—‹ disorganized – organized β—‹>
    <β—‹ flexible – systematical β—‹>
    <β—‹ undisciplined – disciplined β—‹>
    <β—‹ impulssive – deliberate β—‹>
    // Conscientiousness //

    • Introvert – extravert

    <β—‹ restrained – vivacious β—‹>
    <β—‹ careful/caucious – brave/courageus β—‹>
    <β—‹ lonely wolf – outgoing β—‹>
    <β—‹ adaptable – “leader” β—‹>
    // Extraversion //

    • Distant – warm

    <β—‹ silent – talkative/communicative β—‹>
    <β—‹ “unlistener” – listener β—‹>
    <β—‹ formal – open-hearted β—‹>
    <β—‹ doubtful/sceptical – “entrust” β—‹>
    <β—‹ dishonest – honest β—‹>
    <β—‹ proud – humble β—‹>
    // Agreeableness //

    • Restfull – restless

    <β—‹ patient – impatient/short-tempered β—‹>
    <β—‹ relaxed – tense/nervous β—‹>
    <β—‹ self confident – concerned β—‹>
    <β—‹ high stress tolerance – low stress tolerance β—‹>
    // Neuroticism //

    // As I mentioned earlier, the rest of the personality (50%) would develop by the child age. It would be affected by the raising, seeing the others’ example and experience history (aka. significant memories?). When the player would create the character, the it would consist mostly of adjusting personality sliders. After adjusting, the player would see how the choises affects to the temperament and make the changes when necessary. Additionally, the temperament sliders not related to any specific personality sliders could be adjustabled freely. //

    ●●● Intellectual giftedness and weaknesses ●●● (based on Howard Gardner’s theory)

    General information

    • slider ranges from -2 to +2 (and +3)

    where -2 indicates severe weakness, 0 average and +2 gifted.
    +3 would be special which would be chosen when certain requirements and conditions are fullfilled
    // Should the range be wider? //

    • can be freely chosen in character creation
    • heriteable / genetic tendency
    • gives benefits or troubles to specific interests, learning skills and education
    • musical-rhythmic
    • visual-spatial

    – gives benefit to art and handicraft interests and to learn skills related to them

    • verbal-linguistic

    – gives benefit to the literature interest and to learn skills related to it. If there are different languages in the game, gives benefit to learn new non-native languages
    // what do you think if charisma would be linked to it? //

    • logical-mathematical
    • bodily-kinesthetic

    – gives benefit to art and handicraft interests and to learn skills related to them

    • interpersonal

    – the ability to understand feelings, behaviour structures, attitudes and motives related to the character themselves
    // may be unnecessary since there will unlikely be anything related to mental disablies / diseases? For treating and curing depression and anxiety, this would have been perfect aspect. //

    • intrapersonal ( aka. “social intelligence”)

    – the ability to understand others and relations(ships)
    – gives benefit to education and nurtituring interests and to learn skills related to them




    ●●● Interests & disgusts ●●●

    General information

    • the limited amount of points to place in character creation

    // Should they be placed to the skill tree? //

    • the skill points can be earned by interacting items/things/etc. related to the specific interest in the game (like in TS2 Freetime)
    • the higher skill, the harder to get points
    • the ability to choose “the passion” and “the disgust” interests
    • the scale of interest/disgusts ranges from: -3 (the deep disgust) to +3 (thepassion). +4 (obsession) requires the certain circumstances.
    • the certain intellectual giftedness and/or personality can give benefit
    • can be expanded by dlcs and mods. Otherwise poor Alex will burn out when creating all those fancy shiny handicraft methods. :'(
    • The list

    academic field
    alruism, charity
    animals & pets
    gaining money
    gaming & playing
    gastronomy, food
    handicraft & visual arts (including movies & comics)
    mathematics & natural science
    mechanics, inventing
    nature & environment
    raising & nurtituring
    spiritual activity


    I’ll clean and rearrange this when getting to the real computer.

  • Ashes

    Admin July 21, 2019 at 11:47 am
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    This is quite detailed (maybe a bit too much, as it would make it hard), and a lot of it would be nice to include a lot of people, though I would say that the Libido might not be necessary (considering it is teen rated and all) .

  • bailey

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    July 21, 2019 at 6:10 pm
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    Well you sure didn’t lie when you said massive concept XD. Even though it’s a life simulation game, I don’t think he should go too deeply into a lot of these real world ideas, especially in a game for teens. Like with the sexuality, I think there could just be a setting to choose if a Paraperson is attracted to males, females, both, neither, and/or if possible a customize setting to be even more specific among all of those that you can name whatever you want.

  • flawrence

    July 22, 2019 at 2:03 am
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    i like a lot of the ideas, such as traits being inherited and the different kinds of intelligence. i honestly really like the traits in general and have had similar ideas (Can’t really go into detail on why I like it… I just do)

    i really don’t mean to be rude, but I do have some big issues with it though:

    1: It seems long & unintuitive which might put off people who will see it and get overwhelmed. It also might be hard to have every single part of it actually have an effect on gameplay. While psychological theories are fine imo, they would have to be simplified to a great deal in order to be practical to implement.

    2: That’s not how gender works, no offense. Having β€œman, woman, or androgyne” basically says that NB is a third gender, always androgynous, and completely separate from the ideas of man and woman, which just isn’t true. (It’s also homophobic/transphobic). also implying appearance = gender is incredibly transphobic too. And also skolioromantic & β€œtrans-oriented” is extremely fetishistic towards transfolk because it treats us, yet again, as a third gender. Which we are not. (gynoromantic and androromantic are transphobic too).

    i’m really sorry for the long paragraph; doing nb/trans rep correctly is just really important to me. i hope you don’t feel like i’m ringing a bell and calling you a transphobe because i’m not trying to. thanks for listening.

  • altaa-ira

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    July 22, 2019 at 10:04 am
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    Ashalyn: that’s why I prefer calling it the draft and the experient how well the theories would work in the life simulation gaming context. I posted it it primarily to give inspiration than to demand. (: I agree with the libido especially after confirmed teen rating. Maybe Alex could make possible to add it as a custom need by a simple scripting mod if needed unlike in the Sims?

    Bayley: we had a discussion about it on Discord channel. The biggest problem people find in the other life simulation games is how characters they identified to belong to the sexual minority may still accept romantic interactions from the characters they shouldn’t. The way how you suggested it to work sounds great idea! I’ve thought it also (but didn’t remember to write it): when the player gives a new name, it would create a new custom class in the game. It would be tunable in the advanced settings.

    Flawrence: when writing this in my native language, I also noticed how difficult it would be to make then work together especially when there are overlapping areas like that social intelligence. Personally, my biggest hope /request would be to get progressive/adjustable personality traits, the easy way to add custom traits if needed and keep personality, intelligence and interests separated unlike done in the Sims 3 & 4.

    Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it a lot. About the biology: it’s admittely formulated badly because when it comes to body types. I originally considered androgynous to be a character without genitalia and a sex and could be used to create purely fictional characters like the angels and demons from CLAMP’s Wish. Afterwards, I added the features seen in the Sims 4 and didn’t understand to explain what I mean. In addition, I considered a biological sex but replaced it by above. Sorry, the androgynous is not intended to be homophobic. I’ll add this explanation to the original text.

    I separated the biology and the gender due to the reasons you mentioned: the gender would be the one the character identifies, the biology would be how their body functions, instead. I wrote down a long list of non-binary genders to my original plan but decided to not write them here because of having a idea of the text bin where the player could freely identificate their character. Of course, I didn’t remember to write that thought to my post anymore.

    Ok, I’ll remove those. I completely undestand your points. I’ve studied a gender representation for one course in the uni due to my interest to understand more the gender equality. My attempt was to create as representative and equial system as possible which wouldn’t define the characters. For some reason, I didn’t find any coherensive list about the genders and orientations even on the LGBTI Rights site of my country. That’s why I ended up using “the relieable” site Wikipedia and thought to check to right terms when getting back to the uni library. Please don’t worry! I’m glad people don’t just quiet because of fear of offending the others – otherwise the world will not become any better place for every one of us.
    (A bit off topic, but I may have been too vocal when it comes to ace people’s representation in Discord. The way how intimate and woohoo related affairs has been made in the Sims has always pissed me off because they almost completely exclude the existence of ace people and people with problems related to intimacy such as abused.)

    EDIT: I’m terribly sorry for the wrong terms and offending! I definetly shouldn’t have written “female / male / androgynous” on the first place. Such a terrible mistake which I didn’t notice when answering by using my phone. πŸ˜₯

  • sydwil23

    August 6, 2019 at 12:55 am
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