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  • Disabilities, hobbies, online dating, houseboats, occult hybrids

     yeetthesalsa updated 2 years, 4 months ago 1 Member · 2 Posts
  • owlman

    July 21, 2019 at 6:53 pm
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    I know this is really controversial, but I’d love to see disabilities in the game. Others are talking about having gender identity and sexuality adding to the game and that’s great, but I’d love to see the disabled community being represented as well. Obviously, the system couldn’t be as in depth and detailed as it is irl, but even just the basics is better than nothing. If pets are included, service animals would be nice to have too.

    Unrelated, but I’d also love to see hobbies of some kind. Sewing, knitting, theater, sports, all sorts of things could be included. It doesn’t need to be a complicated system: maybe characters could get wishes to pick up a hobby or go do their hobby if they’ve been idle for a while. And the more you do it, the higher your skill gets, like in the Sims Freeplay. Being able to have multiple hobbies would be nice too.

    Online dating is such a significant part of our society today, so I’d love to see it added.

    Houseboats and other beachy things (surfing/paddleboarding , seashell collecting, mermaids, snorkeling/scuba, etc.) would be awesome to have too.

    Occult hybrids like Mer-fairies would be cool too, if that’s possible.

    That was a lot of unrelated ideas but I think that’s everything I wanted to say.

  • yeetthesalsa

    July 23, 2019 at 6:47 pm
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    I love the idea of adding disability into the game to make it more diverse/inclusive! Like you said, it would be challenging to make it an accurate portrayal, but some basics would be good. Maybe include an option for prosthetic/amputated arms and legs, wheelchairs, canes/walkers, blindness (make sure not to make it stereotypical.. white canes, sunglasses, and glossed-over/missing/closed eyes can be optional but shouldn’t be necessary! Guide dogs could be an option, and there’s no one set “look” for a blind person), and possibly deafness (I know there’s controversy over it being considered a disability, but it definitely could use some representation if it could be implemented. Possibly some sort of signing/writing could be used for them to communicate but I’m not sure if/how this would work).

    All of this would definitely need research and input from the disabled community, but I think it has the potential to break a lot of barriers!

    Edit: Just to add on, but I think if this were to be implemented, it would be important to include it in either the base game or a free update because I think inclusion and diversity shouldn’t be something you need to pay extra for in a game

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