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    Another way how to make game diverse and interesting is by adding diets and lifestyles that come with them. Everyone knows diets like vegetarianism and veganism, but I think that Paralives could go beyond that. Diets and lifestyles should not be traits though, because it just doesn’t make any sense.


    So lets start with diets like vegetarianism and veganism. The most outstanding is fruitarianism, which is very strict, because this diet only includes fruits and berries, some people also eat grains, legumes and nuts. Then there are other diets like ovo vegetarianism or lacto vegetarianism, but these diets differ in including diary or eggs, I will talk about this later.

    There are also semi-vegetarian diets, these diets includes meat, but people either don’t eat meat often (lets say just once per week) or they eat small amount of meat, but they eat it lets say each day. They also only eat bio products, but we will get to this in lifestyles. One outstanding semi-vegetarian diet is pescerianism, diet that only include fish and <font color=”#000125″>crustaceans and mollusks, sometimes even dairy and eggs. Again, there are more of them, we will get to this later.</font>

    <font color=”#000125″>What is really important is variety of meals. I don’t want just renamed meat meals to be named for example “Tofu chicken” or “tofu turkey”. There are lot of meals that don’t have meat meal counterpart. And there is more than just tofu, for example tempeh, seitan or agar. It would be nice to have special shops with these and their price would be higher.</font>

    <font color=”#000037″>LIFESTYLES</font>

    These diets usually come with their lifestyle. So for example, vegetarians, vegans and others don’t wear clothes from fur or skin. It would be nice to acknowledge this. This of course relates to others things made from animals, like glue or maybe even candles.

    Vegetarians, vegans and others usually only buy bio products. Bio products could be more expensive than normal and could have different effect on Parafolk.

    Some people don’t like using things from plastic, so this could be another interesting thing to add. There are of course lot of ways how to do lifestyles, these are the ones I came up. It would be also nice to add these lifestyles to parafolks, that are not vegans or vegetarians. I could then create someone without diet, but that parafolk would only eat bio products.


    Before I get to the last part, I would like to mention these. I think it would be nice to have lactose free diet and glutten free diet, so people could again be able to create themselves. And it would be nice to have diets that affect weight of parafolk, but this deserves its own post.


    Custom diets would be really interesting thing to add. It would help people to create their diet. As I mentioned before, there are lot of diets that only differ in one or two things, so instead of having every kind of diet, players would be able to create their own. There are diets that are tied to certain beliefs, so it would give ability to people to create their diet without having religions in game, for example Jewish people would be able to ban pork.

    sweetchilli replied 3 years, 8 months ago 4 Members · 3 Replies
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  • Maybe diet could be something chosen in the Paramaker. Like you can choose between vegan vs. vegetarian vs. a Para who eats anything, and so on. And based on what they are set as, it would determine what they eat, what their favorite foods can be, their favorite restraunts/grocery stores, and other things.

    Or it could be a checklist where you just choose what they do and do not eat with no title towards it. Like you could check off, animal products, plant products, gluten products, etc and each group could have different sub-catergories to seperate what they can and can’t eat. Under animal products would be seafoods, pork, beef, chicken, etc.

    I wonder if that might be too detailed? Though if it doesn’t make it to the initial release, it’s always possible for a later update.

    Posted June 25, 2020 at 12:17 am
  • I wouldn’t mind strict diets as long as it has long-term effects like being healthier in their golden years (good physique, not tired as easily, live a little longer, etc.). Also, I hope the paras would be smart enough not to eat anything that’s not part of their diet.

    Posted June 25, 2020 at 11:20 am
  • I like your point about vegetarian/vegan meals not being tofu lazily substituted for meat. My brother’s vegetarian and he makes some pretty cool stuff without meat that I enjoy, even though I’m not vegetarian. Some meal variation to that effect would be great.

    Posted June 26, 2020 at 4:09 am

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