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  • Custom Body-Types and Custom Slider Limits

    Posted by gamedomino on November 7, 2019 at 3:28 am

    Okay, so I have already done this before, I believe, but it wasn’t that good of a post, it is a hard to explain topic with only text, which is why I am using images and text in this forum post.

    [b]So what are custom body types?[/b]

    Custom Body Types are where the body type is different, so there could be some slim ones, some different average build ones and some chubby or muscular ones, if it is modded however, then (for the sims 4) they would have different slider limits as well, I believe they did that to bypass the ban on Enhanced Slider Limit mods, but still, that was pretty cool.

    For the images to help explain this topic, I will be using this little guy, I upped the poly to make things easier, and this is not the confirmed model, but pretend for this post that its a model of the parafolk so you get the jist of it, because in the future when the game comes out people would use the parafolk model to make custom clothing and body types along with skin colors/textures and animations, lots of stuff.

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    So lets say your a modeler, you got the model, your on blender, and you have it set up normally.

    Now for custom body-types, I was thinking: “How about it actually being custom, instead of only slider limits?”

    By that I mean that by using the default model, you can sculpt it and even change it entirely (provided it has the same rig bones as normal parafolk) and then you can come up with lots of combinations and styles and everything, really.

    So, again, lets say your a modeler, you got the model, your on blender, and you have it set up normally.

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    So you can easily change the body and even parts of the head, now lets see how that would exactly work in a way.

    So it doesn’t have to be sculpting just to clarify, you could also add other models onto it, the only thing you have to do is parent them together and if both of them fit then you can add them as a custom body type.

    So lets say you sculpted (or made through other methods, like extrusion) some horns for example by either doing it separately or directly sculpting the head (they’re easy to make, that’s why I’m going to use it as one.

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    So now you can paint them, now if you did it directly on the head instead of separately (if its directly you can spilt them anyway to avoid the problem), then im not sure if it would be compatible with DAP. The skin color and the material and such would most likely be changable but the horns you sculpted onto it may not, so it would be good to have it separate (but in the same model, you can parent them) to prevent that issue, I guess.

    So if you go to texture paint mode (Hopefully the model is already UV unwrapped) then you would be able to paint everything on the model including the horns, but its better to just paint the horns, in my opinion the texture paint your using for the entire model should be transparent, so then it won’t conflict with any skin, but you can paint the horns the color and material you want it to be really.

    I would make an image for it but that part can become complicated, so I hope you understand what I am talking about there, I would recommend making it separate so texture painting the horns can be way easier, then just parenting it back.

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    So after you import it using the program, I am hoping that then you have your slider limits that you can put.

    You know what would be cool? Sliders for your sliders. You can increase and decrease the limit for each individual part both face and head, So for example for each body part you can either use sliders or pull and drag on, there would be a slider for each part, there would also be a Fat slider and a Muscle slider on this, this is the limit for both Fat and Muscle, which if not broken and hopefully works, would allow you to increase or decrease the max and min limits on fat and muscle.

    Maybe being able to have size limits for your horns too for example somehow could be a possibility, who knows.

    Now let me sketch an example, I can use the little person in the example and then sketch a menu on the side as an example so you really understand what I am talking about.

    I decided to use a female character for this example for diversity and other reasons.

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    After you are done, it would sort of “test” your sliders, it gives you two images, one of all sliders at minimum and one of all sliders at max, this helps give you an idea of how it would entirely look like, if you do not like it, it will redirect you back to the first part where you set the sliders.

    After that part, it will tell you to have a thumbnail and a name for it, and it asks you if you want to put it on the steam workshop, or to keep it as a private file (which others can download if you share).

    And also yes, height would have adjustable limits if height sliders were to be added to paralives, in my opinion it should be 3ft to 9ft in terms of min and max limits entirely, for fat and muscle it should be 0.5x min and 3x max as limits (having it too high would entirely break the textures and character model as well, so I am thinking of a limit)


    I hope you enjoyed the idea, it was a bit hard to explain and complicated and this post took me awhile, so I really hope you liked or got interested in the idea as this has lots of potential in my opinion, really.

    If you want to see this idea have a better chance of surviving and maybe even becoming an actual feature when the game comes out (or after release), then please love the comment and then comment on it on critique, compliments, and suggestions and I hope to see you guys soon! 😛

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    gamedomino replied 2 years, 12 months ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
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  • ravenben

    December 7, 2019 at 6:11 pm
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    This is some far ahead of thinking. And seems pretty technical.
    I might not get the whole explanation, but I love the idea to be able to have a custom body 🙂

  • gamedomino

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    December 8, 2019 at 6:31 am
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    @Ravenben I am glad you understood (at-least most hopefully) of the idea and that you got the gist of it, I am glad you like the idea alot, as I think this could have huge potential for both Content Creators and Modders as well!

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