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  • Cooking in a new kitchen! Cooking in Paralives.

    Posted by lalarose on August 23, 2019 at 4:55 am

    I originally posted this idea on the Parabook but wanted to also post it here to see and maybe get some more feedback and add onto to this idea I’ve had swimming in my head for the past couple of weeks about the cooking skills and cooking as a whole in the Paralives game. This idea may seem farfetched and might be complex in the details but I think it would be cool to see in a simulation game taking it to a new heights in gameplay that’s never been done before.

    So the idea I was thinking was that maybe if we are to get non-rabbit hole grocery stores or even farmers markets and are able to garden. The foods could be put into categories and that would allow paras to pick and choose different ingredients from different categories from the fridge or the pantry. Today I thought about the quantity, maybe five items for baking and eight for general/gourmet cooking so you can get two items of each from every food group at least. But back to the picking and choosing of food my main idea I had was maybe instead of choosing listed recipes from a list to cook. There can be some sort of algorithm system that allows you to combine and choose a number of food items together from each category (meats,veggies,seafood,dairy,fruits,grains,herbs,etc.). The algorithm would generate many recipe ideas/cuisines from those ingredients alone rather than just having a list of food you can prepare. Then overtime it could keep increasing its knowledge of food recipes and food combinations to generate based on what a para makes every time they cook.
    Baking would be a new experience altogether and would be made with ingredients and specialty ingredients. You would have to pick your base (flour,cream,etc.) and choose what the bases turn into (cake flour,pudding,meringue,pie crust,bread dough etc. ) then you would add in your other ingredients and the system would generate different types of desserts/patisseries based on those ingredients alone.

    Food categories

    All can be sorted by cuisine type, popularity,# of times cooked,favorites,season,A-Z.

    Meats: Chicken,Beef, Pork,Lamb,Turkey (all includes different cuts of the meats),
    Seafood: Fish (a variety), shrimp, crabs,lobster,oysters,calamari,octopus,etc.
    Veggies: wide variety of veggies and legumes
    Fruits: variety of fruits
    Grains: wide variety of breads, rice,oatmeal,porridge,granola,etc.,
    Baking and Misc: Flour,sugar,honey,jam,icings,syrups,chocolate,coffee,extracts,candied fruits,cocoa, baking powder,
    Dairy: eggs,milk,cream,butter,yogurt,cheeses
    Nuts and seeds: variety of nuts and seeds
    Herbs: variety of herbs
    Spices: variety of spices
    Oils: variety of oils that can be derived from plants and nuts.

    Other cooking actions/interactions:

    Paras can make dried and candied fruit for snacks or to be used in recipes. They can also can and pickle fruits and veggies to be put away on shelves to be used in cooking later.
    Maybe an ability to be beekeepers and harvest honey from hives. The ability to make jams and syrups from fruits. Use actual baking equipment to bake things (an actual stand mixer wouldn’t just be decoration but usable) and using appropriate equipment for cooking.
    Being able to make food and give it to neighbors as housewarming gifts or just for fun.


    Recipes a para makes could then be favorited to a personal cookbook that each para family would have or you could make a personal cookbook. There could be an option to title the cookbooks and be added to your library. The max number of cookbooks a para or family can obtain at a time would be 5 until they’re deleted for a new one to be made. I was also thinking maybe once you click to have a para cook food there could be a feature that lets you cook from the cookbook instead of making a new dish from scratch.

    NHFoodie replied 3 years, 2 months ago 3 Members · 2 Replies
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  • cakeefeatured

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    September 5, 2019 at 5:14 am
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    This would be amazing if this is possible to program in Paralives in a form of a update in the future!

    Also if I may add, if we visit different world locations (vacation worlds) our paras could learn the culture’s recipes too from locals!

  • NHFoodie

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    September 13, 2019 at 1:08 am
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    I love the idea of more in-depth cooking and food/gardening systems. I’d also love to see food ingredients actually spoil even if they’re in the fridge.

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