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    January 13, 2020 at 8:01 pm
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    As there has been worry about clipping issues with being able to customize the length of clothing, perhaps there could be a few presets of clothing that can be customized to your heart’s desire.
    For example, there could be a preset of a t-shirt, which then it’s sleeves could range from the shoulder to above the elbow; for below the elbow, there could be a long-sleeved shirt preset that goes from below the elbow down to the wrists. I believe this could work for any article of clothing where clipping may be an issue around the joints specifically. If there are other concerns as to what may cause an issue with clipping for reasons other than joints, please let me know!

    Additional ideas for clothing customization:
    — Being able to customize the ends of sleeves to be ragged, laced, frilly, or rolled up.
    –Changing shirt collar designs: normal, v-neck, turtle neck, folded collar.
    –Adding buttons, zippers, shirt pockets, holes, possibly even logos/designs wherever the player wants to have it on the clothing.
    –Adjustable heel height for high heels and other heeled shoes.
    –Choosing whether a shirt is tucked in or not.

    If there’s anything I missed, or if you have any other ideas, whether they be big or small, hard or easy to implement, please share them! I love hearing everyone’s ideas and feedback.

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