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    So I was thinking about what I would do with create-a-world when it arrives, and I came up with these ideas which could help bring these ideas to life.

    • Customisable/Uploadable skybox. This could include tools like a background colour palette, 2D repeatable patterns, moving objects with trails, and custom skylight colours and intensity.
    • Customisable above/below ground textures. Options for multiple above/below ground textures, and ability paint over the below ground textures.
    • Customisable water texture and animation speed. Options for how fast water flows, which direction it flows, and what it looks like.
    • Customisable fog. Options for what times/weathers fog appears, how close or thick it is, and what colour it is.
    • Customisable sunrise/set times. Options for when the sun rises and sets in different seasons.
    • Customisable weather and temperature. Options for what different weather types look like/ how common they are in the world in each season, and what temperature the world will typically be.
    • Customisable foliage. Options for how plants look similar to Minecraft trees in different biomes (swamp) (plains), and survive (Maybe a slider for how healthy they look?).

    I personally think that while each world should be open-world, there should be loading screens between worlds. This would allow for more diverse games where it feels like you can really travel between climates.
    Here are some example worlds I came up with, which could be made using the above tools.

    • Warm tropical world where the sky and water are vibrant blue, and the ocean moves slowly. There are few clouds, and its day most hours. Rain/Storms would be common half the year, but rare the other half, and snow would be almost nonexistent. Plants would thrive in bright colours and birds could be seen flying overhead.
    • City world where the sky is often cloudy, the water is darker, and the ground is dirtier. Plant life would be duller by default, and less healthy. Planes could often be seen flying overhead.
    • Swamp world where the sky is dark, the water is murky and slow-moving, and the ground is muddy. The plants would be darker colours, but thriving. Fog would be thick, common, and dark.
    • Freezing tundra world where snow is common all year-round, the sky is extremely bright during the day and pitch black during the night, when you can see the stars perfectly. Most trees would die in these conditions, and evergreens would be the only ones to survive. During summer it would be daylight almost 24/7, and during winter it would be night almost 24/7.
    • Hot desert world where the sky is bright and cloudless. Rain is scarce and the small amount of water is still and picturesque. Very few plants can survive and dust storms replace blizzards. Vultures could fly around in the sky.

    You could even go to the extremes if you wanted to, potentially creating things like cave worlds where the skybox is a cave roof, or a sci-fi space world where shooting stars fly overhead.

    These are just some ideas I thought of when thinking about create-a-world. Obviously CAW isn’t coming until after the game’s release but I wanted to share. Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading.

    domino replied 3 years, 10 months ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
  • 1 Reply
  • I absolutely love this idea, because then you can truly have potential and make whatever you want and it would actually affect the gameplay instead of just the visuals, which I like a-lot.

    Posted November 25, 2019 at 10:40 pm

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