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  • Business Building and Gameplay Idea

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    I’m not sure if I’ve put this under the right category or not….

    Here are some Ideas I had about business building and lot creation and options.

    Gameplay Options

      + Hire more than five employees not including the owner, you would have to hire an actual manager and assistant managers to run the store and take care of problems paras have so the owner doesn’t have to be present , but if no manager is chosen the owner by default becomes the manager. Also being able to set the title for managers and owners, so aside from manager you’d have more titles to pick from like (manager, assistant manager,director/executive director,supervisor,founder,president, and corporate titles: CEO,CFO,CMO,CIO) or write in your own.
      + Set outfits for sales associates,chefs/waiters/host&hostess, cooks/baristas/bartender/baker,valet.
      + Allow optional valet parking for restaurants and hotels. But it’d only be for parking the cars not retrieving the car later (unless this is possible)
      + Build multiple stores on/in one building that’s owned by different paras in the world.
      + Set prices for objects
      + Set opening and closing times including days operating
      + Set peak times (more paras are likely to visit than normal and special discounts)
      + Set security system (or a para) for certain VIP doors or rooms or the overall lot
      Assign paras job positions based on business type

    Set business lot type
    Motel (cheaper prices usually)

      fine dining
      family style
      Fast food
      Drive in- skate hop
      Sushi bar
      Bubble tea shop
      Ice cream/ frozen Yogurt shop

    Boutique/clothing store
    Mall (ability to build more than one store in one building owned by different paras)
    General retail store
    Coffee shop/Internet cafe
    Toy store
    Supermarket/farmers market
    Food truck court (a trailer park for food trucks and food stands only)
    Corporations (invent medicine,research,real estate etc.)
    Art Gallery (set auctions and sell paintings)
    Jewelry store
    Flower shop
    Bridal Shop
    Delivery service (options to hire drivers and food served or objects that can be bought, then delivered to each house)
    Thrifty store
    Post Office (buy passports for vacation/renew passport,send mail/receive mail from domestic and foreign paras)
    Music shop
    Cellular store
    Hair salon
    Park (where you can pay to go canoeing on lakes/ponds, ice skate, join fitness group)
    Pet daycare parks (where pets can go play with owners or leave them for a duration of time to play with other pets,train,etc.)
    Furniture store
    Green Nursery (sells plants and seeds)
    Convenience store (sell snacks and drinks only)
    Tattoo and piercing parlor

    Set up advertising (4 types)
    Internet and newspaper ad
    Door to door sales
    Store front sign (with ability to have para dress up in costume and hold signs)

    Online shopping
    Any para teen-elder can put things up for sale online; any items in house including food.
    Sell written books online
    For buying clothes online/clothing stores you would have to dress up a set number of mannequins or just pick and choose which clothing items will be sold. Which is where CC coming into play would be interesting. I think it would be cool if the CC clothing could be put up for sale, and would be added to a paras wardrobe when bought and not just already in the clothing section when you start the game. From there you would name your business and set the prices,and pay for advertising. Every time a para orders something online they would have the mail carrier deliver it to their homes, for bigger items like furniture a paraPost truck like a UPS truck would come and drop it off in a box on their door step.

    Note: My idea for how malls would work would be you’d be given two options build your own or you would choose between a few preset buildings to choose from (the exterior shell) and in that exterior shell. You would have 20 empty rooms (stores) and open space (for food vendors, objects,other furniture, details etc.). Each empty room (a store) you would need to decorate and add items, but also give the stores names which can be changed once purchased. Then set ads in the paper to the public to be bought by other paras.

    Delivery Services

    Maybe there could be little trucks called Zum or Plum idk that you’d see around town delivering to paras homes, instead of just seeing them appear when paras manually order something. To give the enviroment a sense of realism.

    – List of stores that would be eligible to deliver to paras along with picking up items like normal.

      Flower shop
      Electronics store
      Online orders (paras that sell things online)
      Furniture stores
      Clothing stores

    Notifications pop up if a para has a phone when packages are on there way “Your package is on it’s way!” and “Your package has been delivered”. There’s two ways they can receive their packages; when a para is home they can sign for it or if they’re away from the home the packages are left at their door by default.

    For clothing items delivered, paras would have to open their package(s) in order for the new clothing items to appear and be added to their wardrobe/closet. This would automatically be done after opening the package.

    Another thought I had for implementing this feature to maps is that for each retail lot that offered delivery you’d see a blue truck beside the names.

    EaselEar replied 3 years, 7 months ago 5 Members · 4 Replies
  • 4 Replies
  • This sounds amazing

    Posted September 4, 2019 at 10:27 pm
  • this would be great, but something i’m curious about is how signage would work. from the screenshots i’ve seen this game would use english for ingame objects, as opposed to the simlish used in the sims. so the problem with premade signage for retail / service lots would be what the signage says (what does it say by default, would you be able to edit the text?) the sims gets around this since it uses its own made up writing system so you can essentially use the signs for anything as long as it fits the aesthetic you’re going for, but i’m curious how that would work in this game if these features you mentioned do get implemented.

    Posted September 28, 2019 at 9:12 pm
  • and at least promote the employees in the business to AM/Manager as well. It’s builds better in-side cultural for that to happen when employees get to become department/store/AM/Manage/ District managers then outsiders. or transfer them instead from another store/resturnant ice cream place

    Posted February 1, 2020 at 9:52 pm
  • Every time a para orders something online they would have the mail carrier deliver it to their homes, for bigger items like furniture a paraPost truck like a UPS truck would come and drop it off in a box on their door step.

    I’d like it if sometimes we had to go to another para’s house to pick the item up… I’ve made friends that way, actually!

    Posted February 7, 2020 at 8:26 pm

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