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  • Being able to "paint" Parafolk, Furniture, Vehicles, Clothing and Accessories

    Posted by gamedomino on November 2, 2019 at 12:13 am

    I thought this would be a good idea, as it could allow for truly an unlimited amount of creation really with such a mechanic being in place, if we could paint them using like brushes and shapes then that would be wonderful because we could make things the exact way we want too. Want some stripes on a jacket? add them to the jacket. (oh yeah, there should definitely be a mirror and symmetrical option when it comes to this) Want to actually paint on a canvas? Now you technically can, in-game. Want a couch to be two-toned? Then that’s possible as well.

    So, let me give some examples on what it could look like.

    So for clothing, I have two examples.

    One is from Trials Rising, which has a good system and the game is fairly new as well.
    Clothing Example 1, if the link gives you the video but doesn’t skip the time, skip to 2:16 to see the proper example.

    Now you may think, “This mechanic is too advanced, and too new, that is why a game from 2019 has it.”

    Okay so for one thing, I’m sure alex could hopefully do it and make the DAP as good as the building system if not better, however let me show you another example which was a game back in like 2004, very old, yet it still had this system, and while yes it wasn’t perfect, it got the job done. What I liked is that it even allowed you to even make your own custom art-works as one image so then you can save your created art-work creations for later on, I also hope that these are shareable on the steam work-shop so then the art-works using this system people create can be put on the steam workshop for other people to use.

    Clothing Example 2

    This video is 5 years old, and you can tell that it isn’t the best game graphically, but it still had a very good system for clothing. I showed this example because I thought it would give you an idea of the real potential of this system could possibly have on the game in general.

    So enough clothing examples, now I guess we head on to furniture and vehicle examples, but one problem, there are basically zero games and zero videos of a game system where you can edit furniture like this, so it would be amazing if this game was the first to do so actually.

    So for vehicles, I have two examples, yet again

    Okay the first one is TRIALS RISING, yet again, it has a good system alright? This one is more oriented towards bikes but nonetheless I believe it is a good system.

    Vehicles Example 1, If the video launches but the time isn’t correct, skip to 5:12 and watch for around 30 seconds.

    Now the second one is Forza Horizon, now this one is old but also new, even the first one on the Xbox 360 had it.
    I believe it’s a very cool system there, because like APB reloaded’s system, it allows you to save your vinyls then use them on whatever you want next, so for paralives it could be anything that has this system but for Forza Horizon it’s your car. The new one’s have it too as well, in-fact it allows you to put 3000 vinyls in one, so that is absolutely tons of customization, and since the game will have low-specs, I think it is possible for that to happen, now it doesn’t have to be 3000 but I hope it is quite unlimited and customize-able.

    The first video is a design editor, guy is very talented and really shows the potential that could be used, credits to him really, the second one is a vehicle showcase, so you can really get the idea on how good people can potentially be at this and how unlimited it really can be.

    Vehicle Example 2

    Vehicle Example 3


    So there’s my suggestion, and here’s the ending of it.

    I believe it will be a good system because for one the system would be absolutely revolutionary and tons of people may buy the game just because of the character creation and this system, and it would have very good potential, this also means the developer would only need to make one pair of clothing, since the players can alter it themselves, so lets say there was a jacket and then there was a jacket with stripes, exact same shape, there would be no need for the one with stripes since players could make it themselves and share it on the steam workshop as well, so now there is less clothing that is needed to be made as well.

    So I hope you consider it, and thank you for reading.

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