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  • Being able to make your own clothing?

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  • gamedomino

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    August 3, 2019 at 4:54 pm
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    (excerpt from vol. 3 of the parabook)

    Make your own clothing
    By GameDomino

    Since Alex himself said that he was planning on making modding tools for the game, I proposed this idea, I hope you read it and enjoy.

    In the Design a Para (DAP) You would be able to make your own clothes by using a Separate Modding Software that could be given to you for free by buying Paralives. You will be given different options for bases, such as a T-Shirt, Long-sleeved shirt, Sweatshirt, Jacket, Hoodie, V-Shirt, Blazer, Jeans, Shorts, Sweatpants, Sneakers, Sandals, Flip-Flops, Heels, Tracksuits, Dresses, Swimsuits, Pajamas, Helmets, Hoods, Masks, Glasses, etc. Using a separate modding software you would be able to:

    Add Colors/Textures to Clothing

    Add Shine or Glossiness to Clothing

    Add parts such as Zippers (With the option to toggle them to be zipped or to be unzipped), Pockets, Belts, Different kinds of Sleeves, etc.

    Option for either Symmetrical or Asymmetrical design

    Being able to drag and pull to for example make a shirt longer or shorter, or make the sleeves long or short

    Being able to change the shape of the shirt using a crop tool on them, being able to make physical patterns with them.

    Being able to “sculpt” clothing so you can change the shape of it, it could be like terrain tools but with clothing.

    Ability to share any design you made into the steam workshop with options to allow editing or re-sharing and being able to restrict editing, for example you could make it where you can only edit the color and material of a shirt you made.

    Being able to put decals on your clothing by either using an in-game editor to make any sort of things you want such as a skull or a flower or for more detailed or well-made shapes you can flat-out import a decal file that has a transparent background.

    Adding a “damage” slider to clothing to give them a “worn out” look or just to make simple things such as ripped pants.
    Being able to add particle effects or lighting effects to clothing, does not matter how repulsive or blinding it is, but it will have a limit to prevent massive lag.

    Being able to limit on which ages could wear a pair of clothing (If there is gradual aging), for example, you could make a shirt for ages 13-17 if you believe only teenagers should wear it.

    If there are supernatural races, being able to limit which ones could wear it, for example making a fairy dress but only limiting it to parafolk and fairies.

    Being able to make custom Prosthetic, for example if you wanted to make a cool robot arm you can use the UI to get a base for a basic disability Prosthetic arm and turn it into a Futuristic, cool bad#&% looking bionic arm.

    Being able to adjust the “thickness” for things such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, shoes, earrings, Prosthetics etc.

    Being able to add layers to clothing which would allow for even more designs to be made.

    Being able to limit clothing to certain types, for example if you made a dress you can limit it to only being “party” clothing.

    Being able to pick if townies can or can not use the clothing, the only way a townie could use the clothing if it is toggled off to not let them use it is if you change it in DAP (Design a Para) yourself.

    Being able to add physical shapes onto a piece of clothing, for example you could add little circles that you can represent as beads around the bottom of a shirt if you would wish to do so, you would also be able to adjust their properties like you would with the shirt itself such as shininess/glossiness, damage slider, and much more, no matter where they are, it would be allowed however if it is NSFW they cannot be posted on the steam workshop or you would be punished.

    Options to add jiggle-bones to a specific area to an outfit (could be an advanced option) for example you can add one to the bottom of the shirt so it could become wavy at the bottom.

    Being able to add clothing to each other, for example if you wanted to put together a shirt and a pair of jeans, you can do that, of course when you have it you have the option to either separate them or keep them together.

    Being able to make your own preset color schemes for your custom piece(s) of clothing, this will also make it where any user who downloads your clothing through the steam workshop will be able to use the color schemes that you made for the piece or set of clothing you have made.
    Add “body-groups” to different parts of clothing so you can remove it, for example you can add one to the sleeves so you have the ability to toggle the sleeves on or off, or you can make different subcategories for them so you could make a preset short, long or no sleeve option, but people will still be able to pull and drag to make the sleeves whatever length they want them to be.

    Being able to use a body preview to see if the clothing clips or not or perhaps even just to see if it looks nice on the average parafolk, in this preview sliders are increased by 500% to make sure they work.

    Option to make parts of piece(s) of clothing translucent provided it isn’t on any parts that would be NSFW to see. For example, you can make the bottom half of a shirt translucent by a percentage you choose from 1-100%, so let’s say 50%.

    Being able to put gradients on custom clothing that is either colored and/or 1-100% transparent.

    Being able to have “materials” such as cloth, latex, cotton, leather, etc. on pieces of custom clothing, and also being able to change the material through the Create-A-Style system.

    Being able to change things based on events, for example you could make a glow-in-the-dark shirt if you make an event for certain parts of the shirt such as a decal, to glow up when it detects that the game is in night-time or if the game detects it is dark. This could also detect if an ingame event happens or if there’s something on/off in general, this could also work based on parafolks hair, face, bodies, basically anything about them, so you could detect numerous things if they have a certain size or a certain hairstyle, even a certain age range (or age group if gradual aging does not work out) Great examples for this could be a shirt that has the parafolks age on it that changes each year, a shirt that could track weight and height by detecting the height, fat and muscle sliders, etc.

    Being able to drag and slide certain properties of hats, helmets or masks to change properties, for example if you wanted to make a hat taller you could just drag the top up and it would make it taller, if you wanted to change a mask you could for example change the flexes, so you can make the mask look sad or happy.

    You would be able to post these on the steam workshop easily and simply and pick if you would want to allow people to share or modify your clothing (which would mean if they are able to edit it using the app, but aren’t allowed to share it unless you allow them too) You would be able to make NSFW clothing but if you share it to the steam workshop you will get punished, but no worries, if your into that sort of thing, you can share it with a third party website instead, as it would make a file when you save it, then you could pick to share it as a link to download it instead of on the steam workshop.

    You would also have a thumbnail editor where you could make your own thumbnails using the app, however this is completely optional. You would be able to pick backgrounds, and to duplicate the clothing and change properties to make it shine or to show how they work (for example a glow-in-the-dark shirt could have two shirts in the thumbnail, one activated (glowing) and one deactivated (glowing).

    This could be like the Hytale Model Maker which allows people to easily make things without needing to have too much experience. (Idea from @Mipie)

    But instead people could start with clothing bases instead of having to start with nothing and instead of making textures through a paint editor, you could use the Create-A-Style tool but if you need to make your own materials and textures then you can use the texture editor like the one hytale has, which was made for simplicity and for your convenience.

    Sorry if this is hard to explain but hopefully you get it :p.
    Thanks for reading.

  • JP

    Admin August 6, 2019 at 6:58 pm
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    I absolutely love this idea ?

  • skyler

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    August 8, 2019 at 7:18 pm
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    That would be so much fun! I love any sort of option to customize tbh.

  • justarandomgamer300

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    October 17, 2019 at 10:15 pm
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    Heck yeah!

  • Fiona

    November 3, 2019 at 11:22 pm
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    I would prefer it if it was an in-game thing. There’s nothing more tedious than closing a game just so you can modify the look of something.

    • MaisQueVerPensar

      November 4, 2019 at 1:56 pm
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      [quote quote=5520]I would prefer it if it was an in-game thing. There’s nothing more tedious than closing a game just so you can modify the look of something.[/quote]

      It would be a great idea, indeed!

  • gamedomino

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    November 4, 2019 at 4:21 pm
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    [quote quote=5520]I would prefer it if it was an in-game thing. There’s nothing more tedious than closing a game just so you can modify the look of something.[/quote]

    If it was in-game, it would absolutely ruin performance, so I would prefer it to be another modding program.

  • Gentle

    February 4, 2020 at 12:11 am
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    I think that the paras should be able to buy clothes in game, so perhaps an official format for sharing clothes could link into the game, and the creators should be able to set a price for the clothes. Obviously this would need to be monitored, and should be optional. But if I made paras of my friends and I, It would be cool to put our faces on a t-shirt and have each of us download it in our own games!

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