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  • Being Able To Build Work-Places Parafolk Can Work At

    Posted by gamedomino on August 29, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    It would be cool if we could make places parafolk could work at instead of having to use the generic preset ones, here’s some features that could be added to this idea.
    -Being Able to build lots that are assigned for certain job(s), this means that you can go inside them, however this doesn’t mean they have to be Interactive (yet)

    -Having different qualities of work equipment, for example if you want to make a bad work-place in a bad area of town, or a very nice work-place in a very good part of town, then you can.

    -Being able to change the job times, uniforms and wages for each rank through the build/buy menu, there isn’t really a “limit” but the minimum should be half the base value (unless half the base value would add a decimal, then just round it up to the nearest one)

    -Being able to buy these lots through normal game-play, being able to become a business entrepreneur or an investor is probably one of the things people would really enjoy to do

    -Being able to set which rooms normal parafolk (parafolk who don’t work there) are allowed to go to, for example if you were to make a business, you could allow people to go to some sort of lobby room and a bathroom or two, but obviously not the workforce itself, unless you wish too.

    -If the work-place sells something, you are able to change the markup (price) of the said item, there is no limit but the minimum would be 1 Paro more than the item cost.

    -If possible, being able to make any type of workplace at your own home in one way or another.

    -Being able to have multiple of the same type of workplace at once and to join them together by using the (very useful) lots feature.

    -By using the CAW Tool (Create-A-World Tool) You can add these lots to be downloaded on default, in-fact this should work with any lot, and should be optional by using an in-game option in settings that allow you configure the lots, and many other separate things on each world. (added idea)
    If anyone has any extra features they can think of, just reply to the post using the listing format I currently am using right now, normal comments don’t need this listing format.

    Thanks for reading.

    gamedomino replied 3 years, 3 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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