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    Posted by Eclipsed_Skye on August 31, 2019 at 6:54 pm

    I’m not sure if anyone’s already suggested this but I thought I’d like I’d set an idea across: customizable aspirations/dreams.

    I’ll being using the Sims 3 aspirations system here as a reference. During the CAS process, you would be able to select across a range of various aspirations, such as ‘Illustrious Author’, where the goal set for your Sim would be to master both the Writing and the Painting skill. The name of the aspiration had already put an instant label and character-type on your Sim (the ‘Gold-Digger’ aspiration for example) and limited you to only those things that your Sim would feel “accomplished” for throughout their life. Honestly, even then I feel the reward your Sims received for achieving your aspiration was lacking.. so I’m interested on what Paralives’ take on this would be!

    So what if instead of being given a limited range of aspirations to select one, you were able to set your own goals for your Para? Maybe you’d be able to set a range of specific goals in each different component of your Para’s life, and were given a choice of different career goals, social goals, educational goals, skill-specific goals, etc etc.

    Of course you’d be able to choose ‘N/A’ for any of these options too, which might help enforce how ambitious you’d like your Para to be, but it would also be good if you were able to set a very specific “level” your Para might want to aim towards. Maybe they’d only aim to go to a specific top-level university to receive an education from, or maybe their only goal in education would be to pass high school. Perhaps they want to be moderately good at art, but never aim to sell it or make a profit from such. Maybe they’d want to ensure that they have a few close friends throughout life, but dislike the idea of having a huge social network of people they’re friends with on a shallow level, or vise versa.

    I feel like it would also be nice, especially in very perfectionist-type Paras, to be able to set a time limit of some sort as to when they’d like to achieve these goals. If a Para, for example, remains unemployed until their mid-life when they’d wanted to be in a certain career path soon after they’d left university, maybe they’d receive the Paralives equivalent to a “negative moodlet”, or maybe their emotions would tend to dip towards the negative end until they are able to either find a new dream or achieve the one they’d initially aimed for (similar to a depression, though of course this is a teen-rated game and I’m not sure using that exact term to describe it would be suitable or appreciated in a game like this).

    Honestly these ideas were kind of coming to me as I were writing so I haven’t actually thought about how they’d work implemented into actual gameplay. Other ideas are always welcome either way!

    Eclipsed_Skye replied 3 years, 3 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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