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  • Aging system ideas

     sweetchilli updated 6 months, 1 week ago 4 Members · 4 Posts
  • Ember

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    April 15, 2020 at 5:23 am
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    Hi all! I wondering what you all would consider an ideal aging system for Paras. Would it be like Sims where you change the length of their lifespans/turn aging off? One thing I’d like to see is birthdays correlating with the calendar so it’s on the same day every year. For instance, if a Para is born on the 3rd day of winter, it will always celebrate it’s birthday on the 3rd day of winter. I’d also love to see gradual age progression so my toddler doesn’t jump from wearing diapers to being a pre-pubescent 12 year old. I’m a big family player, so I believe these milestones would add the perfect charm to gameplay. Another thing I’d love to see are other milestones that occur while growing up such as first steps, first word, first day of school, summer vacations, losing teeth (maybe a toothfairy could even visit while they sleep), first crush, learning to drive, etc. Memory systems would compliment these features nicely and give a Para more personality, I am very story involved in life simulation games and always put the life span on long as well as downloading mods to make the days and years longer. I’d love as much realism as possible, though I’m sure it would be a lot of work for the developers. Perhaps my hopes are a little far fetched. I truly can’t wait for the release of the game so I can weave stories and design homes without as many hindrances. I’d love to hear all your thoughts!

  • bailey

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    April 15, 2020 at 6:41 pm
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    I definitely agree with you on milestones and a gradual aging system, which the team has mentioned that they’re looking into implementing. I hope they’re able to do so.

    I posted my thoughts about this in another thread so I’ll copy them here.

    My idea was based on the idea that there might not be gradual aging. Basically, I think that for each age range that’ll be in the game, there should be 2 stages, a younger half and older half. Yes, it’s certainly a lot, but I think this would be a decent compromise if we don’t get gradual aging. That way, there will be a larger variety of families that one will be able to create and aging and development will seem more progressive and natural.

    As for what I think would be a good system, I’ll trying to summarize it. Y=younger O=older so I don’t need to keep typing the full words over and over.

    Y-Newborn. The Para can’t move on it’s own yet. It can only sleep and eat. It must be carried around by its parents to go anywhere.
    O-Infant. Around 6 months. This Para can be taught to crawl. Eventually they can crawl anywhere, but can’t traverse stairs.

    Y-Around 1 year. This Para can stand up and toddle around. Can slowly climb stairs. Can start babbling.
    O-Around 3 years. This Para can walk perfectly. Can learn to speak perfectly. Can start potty training. Can switch from diapers to pull-ups.

    Y-Around 6 years. This Para can use the toilet properly. Can attend school.
    O-Pre-teen. Around 10 years. This Para can have chores. Can learn things such as cooking. Can start to have hobbies.

    Y-Around 13 years. This Para can start experiencing crushes on other Paras. Can have acne.
    O- Around 16 years. This Para can start dating and enter a serious relationship. This Para can learn to drive and get a job.

    Y-This Para can propose and be wed. Can procreate.
    O- This Para will start getting wrinkles. May start to be less active.

    Y-This Para will lose the ability to procreate.
    O-This Para can retire. Can pass away of old age.

    The only problem with this idea is that it is clearly a lot, and it might be too much for the team to handle. We’ll just have to wait and see once we get to that road.

  • Aibas(Ahmed Saddig)

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    April 15, 2020 at 7:16 pm
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    a more in depth aging system is one of my top listers, i understand that gradual aging is VERY hard to program as i have heard. it would be better if we have the ideas that @Bailey said above! gradual aging is not something i’m expecting, so more life stages ( as in preteens, infant) is what i’m hoping for

  • sweetchilli

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    April 16, 2020 at 5:17 am
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    I really, really, really hope we get gradual aging. I like the suggestions for milestones you guys have come up with. If it turns out to be stages I don’t think we need to have that many physical stages, it could progress through the same milestones within a smaller number of stages, but that’s just my opinion.


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