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    Posted by gamedomino on September 10, 2019 at 5:21 am

    Being able to make your own body types in an actually custom way.

    See in the sims 4, with body types (I believe) you were only allowed to pretty much change how the sims, well, bodies looked (along with slider limits), and I wan’t something more than that, because it’s honestly pretty limiting and how sad they ruined potential for the modding community.

    I think being able to make custom body types with literal extra features added onto it would be cool, for example if you want an edgy type you can add spikes that actually are attached to the parafolk, or if your into roleplay you could make a body-type that gives parafolk pointy elf-like ears.

    You would also be able to change slider limits and also the actual body itself, literally.

    You could use blender to add custom parts OR change the existing body, with not just sliders but you could sculpt physical parts as well, clothes would also sculpt to fit with this feature.

    Custom Body-Types could be submitted to the steam workshop, of course it would have it’s own regulations too so NSFW Body-Types won’t go on there.

    Features you could change/add to body types:

    Physical Shapes, either added on or sculpted onto. Clothes would always adapt to these changes. (There is exceptions)

    Default Skin Textures, Eye Textures, Mouth textures (inside and outside) Default Eye-lash textures, Default ear textures and
    even Default hand/toenail textures.

    Being able to increase/reduce slider limits, allowing them to be more tight/limited or more free.

    Being able to add particles to body types, for example if you were to make a robot, you could for example make an area where it “steams” out smoke particles, or you can meme and add a lens flare effect to the eyes. These could be emitted out or just stay there constantly, but of course there is a limit to avoid major lag problems.

    Custom Animations, however this would require a whole ton of work if your going to animate on blender. This could work with programs such as Source Film Maker, Blender (obviously) and more.

    Completely changing parafolk parts, for example you could change the entire head to for example be a skull (for those who are edgy), hair and such would work as it could adjust to the skull if procedural animations work out.

    Forgot to mention, Sliders would adjust to any changes as well, so any sculpted parts would be affected, You can also make it where certain parts are more/less affected from sliders (perhaps by using a custom program from paralives).

    How publishing on the steam workshop could work:

    You would able to publish your custom body type on the steam workshop, of course there are regulations since it is T-Rated, so NSFW (or NSFL) body types would be banned ASAP.

    There would be a file size limit to prevent major lag or horrible performance.

    You would be able to put them through third-party websites of course (if they were either banned from the steam workshop or simply the owner of the body type doesn’t want it to be on there)

    Any textures that could be applied to other parafolk normally, such as the eyes, would become separate as well so people can use those if they only like the eye textures.

    Now I proposed this idea on another post:
    For anyone wondering, yes you would be able to use custom body types on your personal parafolk (read the linked post to understand what I’m talking about)

    Now this is a fantastic idea In my opinion, since it would allow players to be creative, while making it easy to implement one and make one, also Alex himself said he was going to make modding programs for the game, and since this would not require users to type in any scripts, this would be awesome.

    Imagine the possibilities, you could role-play in numerous ways you can think of, or to just make your parafolk look better.


    gamedomino replied 3 years ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
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  • Aibas(Ahmed Saddig)

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    September 11, 2019 at 2:04 pm
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    I agree with your idea, however i understand and i think that i’m about to say is correct is that enabling us to make custom body types requires a huge amount of time. i think if there was something sort of like The Sims 4 gallery then it would be wise to allow Modders/Creators to upload different body types through a tool that could possibly be provided on steam maybe, also if something like the sims 4 gallery can not be achieved then i think it is perfectly fine for people to upload it on the Steam Workshop 🙂

    • gamedomino

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      September 11, 2019 at 2:41 pm
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      Alex himself was actually planning on making modding tools for the game so it could be possible.

      It could just be a program that converts the model to a body type you can use,

      Perhaps being able to just send the model to the steam workshop where you can then classify it as a body type, making the game automatically detect that it is one, which can then use the thumbnail from the steam workshop to show it on DAP (Design-A-Para)

      The sculpting and other features is simple as it is all through blender, so all it needs is mod support basically.

      If your thinking about a gallery, there would be one I believe.

      It is called the steam workshop, I am definitely sure everyone would be able to send their own parafolk there for others to download, and of course you can make it where if it has CC it requires them to download it through the steam workshop as well, which adds convenience.

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