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  • A list of possibilities

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    Hey everyone.

    I see people posting ideas and wishlist so I thought I would do my own. Some of these have probably been said so sorry about that.

    1. Create a world
    I think it would be cool to make our own little worlds but deeper than that have them interact. For example the worlds in sims are pretty small imagine if you can group those tiny worlds into parts of a city, a shopping district, one or two neighborhoods, and then maybe school with a few houses or shops of businesses nearby.
    This would allow you to have a little more variety. Maybe you can build two towns and have rival schools and teams or competing shops and so on.
    If you build two or more cities/towns then it’d be cool to watch the people interact. People coming by the city to stay in hotels and so on. Sports matches, school events.

    2. Less rabbit holes.
    I think that there should be more activities and places you can go within the world that don’t just have you sitting and staring at a screen waiting for them to return. Maybe going with them seeing them make friends or enemies at school or see them have a work place affair or romance would be cool.

    3. Affairs and life
    So it’s a life simulation. Let’s play with more adult features. Maybe affairs are possible and can be hidden. Or you can be blackmailed for getting caught doing it or other bad things. Bank accounts, child support, and life insurance or inheritance can also be a thing. I mean if you move out of your parents place in sims and then they pass where does that money go? If you’re a single parent you need the help too.
    Having long lasting impressions would make the world more vibrant, if two parafolks end up feuding then maybe it lasts and seeps into new generations and we get Capulets and Montague’s.
    Back to the topic of affairs maybe having a child let’s you decide whether you want to keep the real father secret and lie or tell the truth or even two and three timing people.
    There could also be the option to lease your place or rent. Personality, likes and dislikes, turn ons and off, types, and these things are always more fun and make it diverse.
    Even a cult would be a weird and interesting addition.

    4. Generations, legacies, stories
    Make it possible for people to maybe leave a family mark in a town or build a story for your family and follow it through make connections and intertwining families like distant relatives and cousins. Maybe build a family tree to flesh the world.

    5. Activities.
    Lots of fun things to do. Parks, pools, camping, movies, bowling, parties, spa.
    Maybe more adult things like clubs and bars.

    6. A wide variety of careers.
    We get cops, doctors, writers, cooks, and so on but maybe designers, models, teachers, stuntman, truck driver, flight attendant, circus performer, clown, or mature things like escort or stripper or gang member could be interesting.

    7. Kids being kids
    More realistic teens and kids, juvie, breaking curfew, partying, drinking, getting wild or getting in trouble. Not every teen is good and doesn’t get in trouble add ways to make them different.

    8. Vacation spots.
    Summers here and the family wants to get away, let’s go to the beach or a resort, it’ll be fun. Or travel for a work conference. Maybe your honeymoon or a destination wedding.

    9. School
    Maybe more schools and the ability to play with your parafolks while there. Or boarding schools. Summer school can even be an option for failing students or camp and so on. Even college would be fun if done right.

    10. Roommates and claiming.
    Moving someone in to help with the bills could be nice or having a roommate in college may be a thing but it’s be nice to have your own space rather than people coming in and sleeping in your bed just cause it’s there. It’s yours you claimed it and that should be enough. Same with laptops and computers unless asked.

    11. Relationship system.
    I feel like I’ve gotten repetitive but this is the last one. A relationship system that’s balanced and takes a little time to build unless it’s a booty call or affair that’s a whole other story, but have them be meaningful and based on things they may have in common or people or the opposites attract thing.

    Okay I’m done rambling, thanks for reading.

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