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  • A few ideas for the Parabook*

    Posted by Fizmer on September 5, 2019 at 6:15 pm

    * – Please note, I have not yet read the Parabook, but these are a few ideas I had whilst sitting in the Discord chat.

    ** – Also note, I might accidentally refer to Parafolk as Sims, for obvious reasons. Forgive me.

    Realistic Wages for Jobs/Careers
    In The Sims, jobs have always paid way too much, and are nothing like the actual pay for their real life counterparts. Hourly wages should reflect reality a bit more.

    Realistic Pricing on… Everything!
    Sort of goes with the idea above, things in The Sims are usually priced to match wages, which means things in The Sims are overpriced.

    Household Size Limitations
    I think household size maximum should be a player decided value, with a slider that decides how many Parafolk/Pets a home can have. Slider could range from 1 – 99.

    I like the idea of having a bunch of generic Religious, Spiritual, or Metaphysical items that aren’t necessarily tied to any real world religion or ideology, but perhaps like with The Sims Clubs from Get Together, you can join or create your own “religion” or whatever you might want to call it. There could be certain banned and encouraged activities, just like with Sims Clubs, maybe a sort of ceremonial outfit you can design yourself, and even places of worship/prayer! You could even include a toggle for people who want to play without this feature. I like the idea of the game being very modular and personal. Ooh! Lets not forget cults!

    Universities/Colleges, Private Schools, and School Uniforms
    Pretty self explanatory. I think it would be great to include careers like Teacher, Professor, Dean of Students, Academic Administrator, Tutor (part-time, maybe), etc. Also perhaps have Get to Work(Sims 4) style classes, slightly interactive with mini tests or pop quizzes you have to actually answer correctly. Private Schools! Private schools with school uniforms that can be set or determined by the player if the player is in some sort of administrative position at the school, or the owner of the property. Class ideas expanded upon later. Which brings me to…

    Realtor Career/Real Estate System/Business
    You can buy, sell, trade, and rent out properties/lots! Start your own Real Estate company! Permits! Natural Disasters and Plumbing/Electrical failures that will decrease property values!

    Mayor Career
    Mayor can either own every public, government related lot (public museums, city hall, public library, schools, etc) in order to have better Mayoral control, OR the Mayor can choose a Real Estate company to fund and support, etc. Could be as realistic or simple as necessary, but this could totally be expanded and interwoven into other systems and features of the game.

    University/College/High School Classes
    Chemistry Class – Could include chemistry tables that work similar to the science tables for kids in Sims 3 and 4, and you could make certain mixtures of things (potions/elixirs/solvents/whatever, think scientist career in Sims 4) or maybe do experiments on lab animals (humane only, of course).

    Home Ec/Family & Consumer Science/Life Skills Class – Teach Parafolk essential skills in High School that will carry over to adulthood, like Cooking, Parenting, Budgeting (a skill that could determine how much your bills are, or effect other price values), maybe a Sewing skill? With the ability to create your own clothes?

    More class ideas to come, might make separate post fleshing this one out more.

    Shop for your own clothes in Live Mode (or whatever that will be called) or sell/trade with other people.
    While making your character for the first time, all clothes can be unlocked, giving full customizational control. Once they’re launched into the game, however, they will have to go to the store to “purchase” (unlock) them in the character editor.

    Lot Specific Jobs!
    The ability to apply for a job, and choose which location you want to work at! Every job is like Get-to-Work, but you have the option to send the Parafolk alone or go with them on all of them, or most at least. If multiple Parafolk are going to work at once, choose which one you wish to follow to work, or none. Also allow Paras in the same household to work at the same place, at the same time.

    Planes, Flight, and Pilot Career
    Not sure if this is possible at all, but still a cool idea! You could also have things other than planes fly around in their own way, like witches on brooms, pegasi, Paras with any kind of wings or… Jetpacks? 😀

    Magical horses with magical powers to add some mystery and wonder to the game. Allow maybe limited Pegasi flight, or include it in the sky/plane system mentioned above. Also a unicorn horn and pegasi wings accesories.

    Expand Gardening, Add Farming and Farmer Career
    This is something I’ve wanted for a long time. I’ve made several “farmer” sims that just end up taking the “gardening” career and just “garden” on a large scale. But I’m tired of that. I want square, connectable, maybe custom shaped, crop plots! I want farm animals! Cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, rabbits, goats, the works! Maybe decorative peacocks, or instead of lawn flamingos have lawn peacocks! With toggleable tail flairs. Bring back Sims 3 barns and barn doors and bales of hay! Maybe organic grops? Pesticides? Two branches of the farmer career, even! Eco-friendly Farmer and Profit Farmer! Maybe a crop duster plane could be used in integration with the flight idea mentioned earlier.

    Certain Careers Require Permits/Certifications/Classes/Degrees
    Just like real life, you can’t be a brain surgeon without having gone to medical school. Can’t cut hair without a cosmetology license (acquired with a short class and certificate award ceremony upon graduation of the class). Can’t teach without getting a teaching degree or license. Can’t own a restaurant without permits, etc. Perhaps include a whole legal system? Maybe too much.

    ~This post probably wont be the last of my ideas, I’ll break my posts up into parts if I have more specific ideas that I want to flesh out more.

    Emily replied 2 years, 10 months ago 3 Members · 2 Replies
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  • JP

    Admin September 11, 2019 at 9:31 pm
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    I especially like the idea about career requirements. I think most jobs should have a minimum skills level at the very least. Qualifications and certificates could be required for higher paying jobs. 🙂

  • Emily

    Noteworthy Newcomer
    September 15, 2019 at 8:46 am
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    [quote quote=4964]I especially like the idea about career requirements. I think most jobs should have a minimum skills level at the very least. Qualifications and certificates could be required for higher paying jobs. ?

    In addition to this could the rent and utility bills also be realistic? I think I read in the sims that your bills are proportional to the value of your lot, which doesn’t make sense as not everything in a house uses electricity, water, or internet. Getting billed for owning an expensive coffee table would be insane in reality.

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