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  • A couple of thoughts..

    Posted by pleb on April 30, 2020 at 2:53 pm

    Hey, so I am new here and found out about Paralives only recently. Really hoping for a grand success with this game, which is why I wanted to add my own thoughts to this. Yes, I will be comparing some to the sims – not because I want a sims clone, but because it’s all I have to compare with. (All my edits will have + on them.)

    1. Careers.

    So I wrote a reddit post about this already (here’s a link for reference: but people didn’t seem to really understand what I was talking about. I wasn’t asking for Sims 3 Ambition careers (thought don’t get me wrong it would be a great feature, maybe for a future expansion). I am asking for the rabbit hole careers to be made more intricate as a whole, and I explained how/some ideas in a comment there. I’m also asking for things already in the base game to be made into careers – such as running a restaurant, bar or club or the ability to do real estate/house flipping. Building already exists in the game, all I’m asking for is to make this accessible to me as a player from the get go, and to allow my own skills to add its own flare (e.g painting with real estate, or cooking or piano with a restaurant). All you have to do then is allow me to supervise staff, pick menus, manage quality, handle reviews, advertisement etc.

    Something else that would already exist in the game is character building, so allowing me to style other paras would be great!

    2. Parties & Group activities.

    Allow us to add more flares to parties and group activities. For example, if I invited some people over to my house, in a realistic setting I might want to take them to the terrace or balcony and share a piece of fruitcake or coffee and do some friendly gossiping. I would find it neat if there was an easy way of doing this. Or to decide which dinner table the family is going to dine at for dinner, and have them all actually sit down and eat at the same time for a cozy, interactive family dinner.

    Or perhaps I want to throw a pool party where the guests will actually all hang out at and around the pool area and everyone or most of them will participate in the pool activities, and we can all play marco polo and guests will help themselves to the BBQ without me having to force feed everyone for them to enjoy their time there. Or perhaps I want to make my party a tad bit fancier by making everyone dress up, hire some caterers who will walk around with trays of martinis and maybe I could be some type of socialite who gains other socialites approval by the success rate of my parties, or it could be the way I work, if I could be a stylist, by offering makeovers to the invited paras in such an exclusive manner and therefore change my clientele to be of the richer/snobbier kind.

    + Moreover, it would be nice if we could suggest/dare activities to other paras.

    3. Gossip & Open world.

    I’m thrilled about an open world – but one thing I’m asking for is to make it easy to follow the events of the world. Perhaps you could read blogs/news to find out who has done what with who, or who failed at what, who got back stabbed by their friends and why etc. etc. Or you could subscribe to that site for direct notifications. I also think gossip has its place in this setting, but I also feel the paras, at the very least the playable ones, need to be able to defend themselves if possible. It is not fun (drawing from sims 3 here) to be accused of cheating and not be able to do a darn about it. Likewise, it is frustrating to hear your own partner is doing naughty things but not have the ability to question them about it. So if gossip is to exist, I think it’s also reasonable to ask for more interactions with it.

    + Perhaps paras with two faced or gossip traits will always have the juice on everyone at all times, making it even easier to keep up. Perhaps these traits would even allow for those paras to spread untrue rumors about others, and watch the world around them go down in flames as they sit back and enjoy (hehe).

    4. Make time move slower.

    I can only again reference the sims, but in sims it is impossible to fit in everything that seems reasonable within a day. Especially in 3 where you spend a lot of time traveling or waiting or stuck in animation. You already spend a lot of time on work/school/homework, filling up needs and working on your skills. There isn’t much time left for fun things. The worst part is when you go to/throw a party and only have time to eat and talk to like one or two people before the party’s over.
    But if time moved at a reasonable pace, this wouldn’t be a problem and you’d get more worth out of your paras activities.

    5. Friendships & dating.

    Since the paras personalities are intended to be made more complex, I also hope this means that friendships and relationships will be made complex. I think befriending other paras should be hard and unique, where you can’t go about it in the same way twice. In sims, gaining friends is a joke. But then retaining the friends can be a little trickier unless your sim is extremely charming, or have a lot of spare time. I think making friends should be difficult – or at the very least, we’re given the option to if others disagree – and then retaining the friendships be made a little bit easier. Would also be cool if we could have frenemies, too.

    I’m hoping every single para relation will have a different vibe to them, and that there are different types of relations. For example, maybe my para is a bit of a bully but she/he is popular and so people will just do everything he/she says which means that perhaps I can make certain paras do my homework, or clean my house, or pay for my drinks etc. Maybe certain skills or traits would decrease the chance of other paras standing up against me. Or on the contrary, maybe my para is in love with someone who just doesn’t treat them right, and being with them will perhaps make them very unhappy at times, and completely neurotic at others – but they are unable to stop themselves from fulfilling their partner’s every need. Sometimes you’re just in a toxic relationship and you’re too insecure to make it stop. It would also be a cool feature if paras could tell their friends about such things in their lives, and then also encourage each other to stand their ground and know their worth.

    + Another thought concerning friendships – perhaps paras (or at least some) gets more social refill/other perks from talking to or hanging out with their friends. That’s what makes more sense to me – I personally wouldn’t feel less lonely from just chatting down some rando down the street, and it would be nice to have more reasons to make friends in the game in general other than to fulfill a requirement (hence my suggestions with getting help/support from friends, and being able to do the same for them).
    ++ Jealousy has always been an interesting feature in sims that just hasn’t been done quite right. I would like for paras go be able to get jealous, and not only in a romantic setting, and things can go more than one way from there. Perhaps they’ll start a feud with you, publicly humiliate you, or spread rumors – all I ask is that it is apparent to you as a player why these things are happening, and from whom, and then give you a chance to defend yourself or get even.
    +++ It’d be cool if if stirring up drama at a party would make the paras enjoy it a lot more. Or just in general, too.
    ++++ I also would like for relationships to have a longer impact on the paras. For example, if my para’s parent dies, I’d like for him/her to be sad for more than just a few days, and maybe even have a lasting impact where they gain intimacy issues or rebel against the other parent’s new partners, etc.

    This brings me to my last point: dating. Dating is my most favorite part of playing simulations. The best sims game ever made was Hot Date, I swear. I love the whole notion of a romantic dinner out, making small moves to get closer to the other, being swooned and whatnot. But I wish dating had more of a mechanic to it, rather than just pick whoever you spot first and make them love you by just repeating romantic interactions. It doesn’t work that way IRL. Sometimes you just don’t vibe, or you end up with unrequited love or being used to inflate someone’s ego, or they are just afraid to commit or they’re just not attracted to you. And the other way around ofc. Sure there’s love at first sight too, but dating should be a process before you can call yourselves a thing. And likewise, it would also be nice to not have to be the one to initiate a fling/love/relationship/marriage every. single. time.

    6. Other.

    Idk how time consuming or possible this would be to implement, but I’d like the different pattern choices that exists in sims 3 to make its way into Paralives too. It really did offer so much variety in both house and fashion design. At the very least, make this a possibility for creators to add as CC.

    This one is very unimportant, but I would like for there to be animations of the para applying their makeup at a makeup table or powdering their nose in public. This wouldn’t actually apply their makeup, that should be a preset with your outfits, I just think it would be a nice little thing to watch. Perhaps it could add buff or increase attraction points (if such a thing were to exist – I’ve seen others discuss attraction and I think that would be awesome).

    ++ Love to see laundry and apartments in the game.

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    Can we get complex careers? from Paralives

    Bodil Bührmann replied 2 years, 7 months ago 4 Members · 3 Replies
  • 3 Replies
  • bailey

    Star Hubkin
    April 30, 2020 at 6:19 pm
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    I like the ideas here.

    I think having intricate rabbit hole careers would be good. They could give depth to jobs without having to program a system where Parafolk need to be controlled in a live job environment. I guess they could do it where you go to the job location and you can click on the building throughout the day to see certain tasks that are required to do and just click on directives that the Para would do.

    For parties, I would hope the AI is programmed so that if Parafolk are invited to a party, they’ll automatically take part in party activities. So if it’s a dinner party, they’ll eat at the table. At a pool party, they’d play in the pool.

    With time, I think Alex stated that there will be ways to slow down and speed up time. I do still hope the ratio of real time vs. game time will be pretty balanced though.

    Dating should be interesting with the complex personalities that are planned. I’m hoping Parafolk will have some kind of attraction system where they’ll be more attracted to certain personalities over others.

  • BirdieBlue2

    May 1, 2020 at 2:16 am
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    Well-considered ideas. If half of the suggestions I have read so far are used, this game will be AWESOME!

  • Bodil Bührmann

    Humble Hubkin
    May 1, 2020 at 11:17 am
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    These ideers are interesting PLEB .
    It would give gameplay some dept, if some paras had sexual attraction towards not so healthy types…byt if they use their common sense, the para would know that they should mary other types. (conflict within themselves) If it could be implemented in the game that paras could learn to love in the long run ( the more healthy type)..and that this love would be more important over time, than what there feelings was dictated them in there youth…it could be interesting for the gameplayer, who are able to sit back(not playing god) and let the para show who they are.
    Hope you can follow is about common sense and emotion that conflicts like in RL.

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