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Paralives Hub Forums Gameplay & Simulation Types of Playable Careeers and Making playable careers Reply To: Types of Playable Careeers and Making playable careers

  • for Vanilla/Rabbit Hole:

    Police (Investigator or Officer)

    Military (Special Corps or Officer)

    Education (Professor or Teacher)

    Medical (Nurse or Doctor/Dentist)

    Scientist (Chemist or Astronomer)

    Writer (Author or Journalist)

    Politician (Select one of 2 in-game political parties)

    Engineer (Computer or Mechanical)

    Law (Attorney/Prosecutor, Judge)

    Artist (Painter, Comic Artist)

    Business (Management or Investor)

    Culinary (Chef, Mixologist)

    Sports (Team – Soccer, Basketball, E-Sports or Solo – Tennis, Body Builder, Boxing)

    Biology (Veterinarian, Botanist)

    Emergency (Fire Fighter, Paramedic)

    Freelancer (Digital Artist, Programmer, Photographer, Fashion Designer)

    Part-time Jobs

    for playable career or expansion:

    Business (Manage Restaurant, Store and Companies). Play just like the Tycoon games. Managing Staff, workplace and the products.

    Entertainment (Actor/Actress, Voice Actor/Actress, Musician, Dancer, Influencer, Idol Manager).

    Farm/Ranch, manage livestock and crops.

    Criminal (Criminal Mastermind to expand underground business: Vehicle Thievery and Counterfeit Product) – the gameplay was management to gain underground reputation and stealth game to retrieve or deliver the product to client while avoiding the authorities/police and rival criminal organization. )

    Posted June 5, 2020 at 4:26 am