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  • imskywalkinhere

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    June 2, 2020 at 9:10 am
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    I absolutely LOVE elegant grunge, bohemian chic, lace work, flowery designs and long skirts with cuts to show off legs. Detailed clothing (embroidered and embossed) is something I’m really hoping for in Paralives since it was near impossible to achieve in Sims 4 due to the lack of texture space in the meshes. (I’m not a modder but this is what many modders have complained about).

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    I loved how Maggie’s hair was animated, and would love to see such animations in dresses,skirts and sleeves as well. Also, I do remember reading somewhere that clothes will be items to buy and will not be readily present in parafolks closets (which I love). I imagine bridal shops where I could take my paraperson to pick out a wedding dress. IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS GAME! I also wanted to mention that functionality with dresses that arent flat (ballgowns and such) is also something I REALLY WANT. I feel like this would only require coding in specific sitting (on ground and chairs) and/or walking animations where the animations dont glitch with ballgowns and other poofy dresses.