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Community Feed Forums Off Topic Thoughts on Roxane being fired? Reply To: Thoughts on Roxane being fired?

  • Aysha

    May 28, 2020 at 7:21 am
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    My quick thoughts in bulletpoints so you don’t have to read too much:

    • It’s very clear both (/all connected) parties are very passionate about the game.
    • Roxanne shouldn’t have went to Twitter beforehand or not in that manner
    • I felt like Alex (though understadnable) shouldn’t have “outed” Roxanne in that way
    • I hope the game will actually become what it was supposed to be
    • I know they said nothing will change about the development but considering Roxanne’s words with how there was poor communication and a lack of art direction we can only assume (which I’m not telling anyone to assume anything) how this is going
    • I hope Lea and the other employees are happy and are being treated well
    • I also hope Alex is able to work well and is doing good
    • Same goes for Roxanne, I hope she finds another job quickly and wish her the best
    • Hopefully the rest of development goes well from this point forward in regards of employees and volunteers (discord mods) as well, so pretty much communication in this small passion project

    I think this still was long, but I think everything I’ve just said has been said before and I didn’t wanna go full explaining mode, but there is one more thing I wanna adress my concern for.

    People who were sceptical before/ anti-Paralives, thinking anything slightly negative about the game will and are taking things to twitter and any other outlet to say “I told you so”, “this project isn’t gonna happen”, “blablabla…”. This is childish and not okay, but don’t go commenting on that, it’s not worth it. They clearly are not interested in Paralives even if it becomes the best game ever. So commenting is just useless as they just want your attention and see you annoyed.