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Community Feed Forums Off Topic Thoughts on Roxane being fired? Reply To: Thoughts on Roxane being fired?

  • PlyPlay665

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    May 28, 2020 at 1:25 am
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    <div>While I know that there is a lot of information that I (and anyone other than the dev team) do not know, I have to say that I am leaning towards Alex’s side in this situation (if there really even is a side to take). Alex probably should have called Roxanne directly to give the news, but he is not the first to have fired someone over email. Additionally, when you are in a probationary period (which I was reminded quite frequently at my current job during MY probationary period) is that your employer is free to fire you at any time for any reason. That’s why they call it a probationary period. For that reason, a lot of companies do not even offer benefits to employees until after their probationary period.

    The fact that she went off in such a public manner shows a lack of professionalism that leads me to believe that Alex made the right decision. The published letter alludes that he was not alone in this decision, either. I mean, she blocked someone for not liking a perceived change in graphics. While I think it is fine to block someone on a personal account for whatever reason, you have to be careful when your account represents a company, product, group, etc. Her account and her tweets represented the development team and Paralives as a whole. Generally, her tweets seem to me that she does not handle criticism well and takes it all too personally. You can’t have thin skin in a creative field like game developing (or any job dealing with the public, for that matter). Especially when you’re developing a game that serves SO MANY different types of people like a life simulator does. Everyone has wildly different expectations and desires!

    Bad management, lack of art direction, and poor communication may very well be valid points. The COVID environment does not help with that situation at all. It’s honestly hard to work together when you’re not physically together, and it sounds like they are not at the moment. In any case, it’s really hard to say when on the outside. Time will certainly tell.

    I have to completely disagree with the “fully paying for services rendered” argument though. This is a patreon-funded project. Much like a non-profit, when you take a job for a project like this without secure, reliable funding, you are agreeing to being worked hard and using all relevant skills no matter what your job description is. This is very commonplace for small entities. I know first-hand and through friends that it is. I do not see anything particularly wrong with this. It is how things get done with limited funding. The point is to be doing it because you are passionate about the mission/project of the place you are working for, not your paycheck. Obviously you should be paid fairly, but I have a feeling based on the Patreon funding milestones that she was being paid a decent wage.

    With all that said, I do not wish any bad or harm against Roxanne. I hope the best for her. From the little bit of information I got from her playstyle and opinions, I would probably totally agree with any disagreement she may have had with Alex or the team creatively. However, ultimately, it is not her project.