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Community Feed Forums Off Topic Thoughts on Roxane being fired? Reply To: Thoughts on Roxane being fired?

  • Clara J

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    May 28, 2020 at 12:53 am
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    Well just because I may like Paralives or at least hope to when it comes out, that will not make me side with Alex, I have had people talk all nice to others about something that went on between me and them, and make me out to be the bad guy, when it was actually them, so I am not going to take Alex side, just because Roxane used some more adult language to get her point across! For one, she just got fired, so of course she is angry, and of course she said some more adult words because of it, she is human, and shocker not perfect!

    But that doesn’t make her the bad one here, just because she cursed and Alex didn’t, at least not publicly, doesn’t make Roxane the one in the wrong, we only know what Alex and Roxane says happened, and most likely we will never know the truth, unless someone else leaves the projects or gets fired and decides to spill some beans!

    The fact is as far as we know Roxane may have been totally telling the truth, if you take time to get over her using some language that apparently really bothers some more than it should, and read what she said, it sounds like there might be some not so nice things happening behind the scenes, so I’m not putting all my apples in one basket just yet!

    Even if we never really find out what happened with Roxane, if what she said is true, it will eventually become evident over time, because if it’s true it’s bound to affect the making of the game and Roxane may not be the only one to get fired or even just choose to leave on their own!

    And I am not just taking Roxane side either, but having been in similar situations I am not going to just dismiss her word’s on Alex or anyone else’s say so, I am going to stick with having a more open mind on this and give her the benefit of the doubt, but I also won’t assume she is telling the truth either, so I won’t be hating on Alex either!

    But I hope people won’t start hating on Roxane just because they like Paralives and Alex is the creator of the game, because just because you think you are going to like the game, doesn’t mean you have to love Alex or any of the ones who make it even or hate someone who is no longer working on it either for that matter!

    I bet that is why Roxane took down her tweets and her account, because people were probably sending her hateful messages and she didn’t want to have to deal with it, which is understandable, but really sad too, since I was following her on Twitter and would have liked to continued after this, rather then treat her like she has leprosy all of a sudden! Slight Frown